Shoppin’ For My-se-elf…


Mon: 5 Rounds: 500m row, 8 body weight dips, AMRAP* TRX triceps extension, 15 each side lateral wall ball slams.

Tues: 4m easy 8:20/pace, AMRAP TRX chestflys/pushups 

Wed: 4m easy (but hard because of the wind) 7:34/pace, 15 min running drills/ 5min bare foot running

Thurs: Rest

* AMRAP= As many reps as possible

How is it Thursday already! I’ve been meaning to blog but shopping for myself got in the way. Also, i’ve been meaning to Christmas shop for other people, but shopping for myself got in the way. Seems like I end up buying gifts like this— one for you, one for me hehee, I can’t help myself! Some of the Cyber Monday deals were way too awesome to pass up!

I bought a 4-pack (but shoulda bought more packs) of Nuun, my favorite training drink of choice–Also, got the email that I’m now a Nuunbassador for their company. Congrats to all the other bloggers out that are now part of the Nuun family :).

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.53.31 PM

I’ve wanted to try Pro Compression tights for the longest time and with a discount code and free shipping, they now have a fine home on my rear end. Speaking of, they have a high waist band which is nice so you don’t get the muffin top and they’re nice and thick–no undie lines or anything else showing through!


Then I got one two new pairs of shoes. I needed to replace my favorite New Balance Minimus with a new pair for work. And I also wanted to give New Balance a go with a pair of running shoes.

4mm left, zero drop right

4mm left, zero drop right

The running shoes I bought are Minimus WR10GY. They are still a 4mm drop (what i’m used to), just a lot less shoe than normal. I’m starting to incorporate barefoot running & lots of new running drills into a weekly routine so it seems only natural to get a shoe with less cushion. I’ve been walking/standing/strength training in zero drop shoes all year and I can’t tell you enough how different (in a good way) it feels to lift or squat in shoes where your heel is level with your forefoot. And bonus: my form has improved.

Seeing these positive changes is making me want to run in zero drop. I used to have arch pain constantly–I thought my high arches needed more cushion. Turns out I needed less, a lot less. The New Balance Minimus have literally zeroed out any foot pain i’ve had standing in shoes all day.

and they're so pretty too!

and they’re so pretty too!

I’ve also noticed after barefoot drills my right plantar fascia gets tight and I have to work it out a good deal for it to feel better. This could have been a much worse problem had I not tried barefoot running. <—But Cori, what if barefoot running is making your fascia tight, why don’t you just stop—> Because, made-up-person-i’m-blog-talking-to, my tight fascia probably has been a problem that was hidden with well cushioned shoes that absorb and hide high impact shock. All issues I’ve had have been on my right side (ankle, shin, soleus, & hip). Could the root of all these problems be caused by tight connective tissue along the bottom of my foot? Perhaps. I’m hoping that incorporating running drills and changing training plans will lead me to working out kinks & getting into a healthy racing year and one step closer to becoming an Unbreakable Runner.

Also, just as important as these running discoveries: Snicker Doodle Muddy Buddies. They are at Target right now. Buy them, buy them now.


Just be sure to buy them with friends to share with. There are 11 servings in this bag. I ate the entire thing in 2 sittings. Eeek.

How’s your week going?

Barefoot drills? Thoughts? Any discoveries?

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “Shoppin’ For My-se-elf…

  1. It so hard to not shop for myself this time of year! Everything is on sale.
    Those muddy muddies look so good!!!

  2. haha – this was about the most fun post I have read anywhere in a while! I smiled throughout 🙂

    Looks like you have made some great purchases – I love compression tights (hard to believe it has been 2 years now I’ve worn tights), and also the Minimus (though they were the shortest lasting shoes I’ve ever worn). You got yourself a great haul!

    I think what you’re saying about your feet might make sense – I think that what I have been reading about your hips guiding so much is very true, but like you say if your feet are masking a different issue then you need to deal with that. Too much cushion I think is not a good thing!

    I’ve had a heck of a week so far with work and kids schedule and so on – in fact, had you written this on Monday I might have just been commenting today 🙂

    • Thanks! I actually wrote this post laughing the whole time. My life gets a little ridiculous from time to time so i’m glad it’s humoring someone-

      and I agree, too much cushion can’t be a great thing—it’s why I’ll never buy into this Maximalist movement. I’ve tried on a few pair and hated them! I think i’m so used to feeling the ground when I lift I want the same feeling when I run. I know you understand 🙂

  3. Congrats on becoming a Nuun Ambassador! So exciting!

    I have definitely been buying a few gifts for myself… it’s too much fun!

  4. I have high arches, too, and I also do better with little support/cushioning. You just never know what will work for you – running shoes stores always tried to sell me big, built-up shoes or inserts and they were terribly painful!

  5. I need to try less cushioned shoes for my arch too. Every time I have gone to buy shoes, the employees always tell me I need more cushion. Now I think I may need the opposite! Also, those muddy buddies are amazing! I ate the entire bag in two servings too, so bad, but tasted so good!

  6. Hey we are “crappy right leg” buddies! Most of the time I think that the low drop, minimalist type shoes are the best way to build foot and leg strength. I got a pair of Altras to try out (my husband runs in them all the time). But then I freak out and wonder if I’m sabotaging myself. Also I can’t have Chex Mix in the house. It’s an official rule.

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