Ugly Sweater Run!


Wednesday: Rest

Saturday I woke up way too early to run a fun 5k. –Just a sidenote after years of racing, opt for the night races if you aren’t running for time. It’s WAAAAYYY more fun & relaxing, plus running in the dark automatically makes you feel like a fast runner.

My roommate found the Ugly Sweater Run which stood out from a lot of holiday 5ks for the simple fact they give you a beer at the end. It’s not often you get alcohol after a 5k, so i was on board. That sounds worse than it should, I didn’t do the 5k just for a beer.. jeez… the hats are really what sold me. …also any race that offers free pics is awesome cause they basically blog for me;)

me and Leslie!

me and Leslie and her pup Tessa!

The race itself was not as jolly/amazing/unique as the website claimed. There was a few inflatable reindeer about a mile in, the water station in the middle of the race was disorganized and there was a weird wet foam machine at the finish, i’m guessing it was “snow”— However I thought for the free hat (even though I heard people saying it was the same as last years) the free can of beer and the proceeds benefitting Save the Children, it was fun! The course was actually pretty too with a loop along the harbor.


Ive done a fair share of fun Five Kays over the last few years and all I can say is if you havent already – do one. Not everyone should run a marathon, but everyone can run/walk a 5k. These are a great way to fit in a workout, encourage a friend or family member who wouldn’t normally workout or run. It’s a lot of smiles and laughs, such a fun way to start the weekend 🙂

love this candid

love this candid

Now i’m off to the gym for another CrossFit Endurance workout. Wish me luck this weekend when I try to do all my Christmas shopping.. i haven’t started at all :/

Oops–almost forgot the most important part.. After the 5k I ate eggs/french fries and for the first time ever I had an oyster. Pretty much what i expected. They taste like salty boogers. I’ll stick with mussels thank you!


Themed 5k’s love em or hate em?

Is your Christmas shopping done?

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8 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Run!

  1. mmmm, eggs with french fries sound like a really good combo! And if fun runs didn’t cost so much I might consider doing one, but 5Ks are pretty short for me to pay to run one that’s not a race… haha

  2. Last weekend was my first themed run – which I loved because it was set up as a timed race but also as a ‘run/walk’ (Lisa had to work but had wanted to walk it since she can’t run due to joints/arthritis). We got cool socks and a cheap cotton shirt, and they were also selling the fun elf ears and jingle bracelets. It was awesome 🙂

    I love the hats you guys got … your sweater isn’t too ugly, but the striped tights definitely help with the look! haha

    I haven’t had an oyster since I discovered my intolerance to clams years ago – I never liked them enough to push my luck (same with mussells)!

    As for Christmas shopping we’re about 95% done, and I only have a few stocking stuffers left to grab for Lisa. But that is just how we tend to do things anyway … never been a last minute type. Not that it is even last minute yet, in spite of what the commercials try to tell you!

  3. Looks like a fun race! I just did the Utah Santa Run, everyone wore a santa suit! I just wore running tights instead of the pants, they were waaay too big for me. The race was totally unorganized too. It was fun but not a good one to race in!

    I’ve barely started Christmas shopping… not looking forward to the mad rush in the next 2 weeks!

  4. I haven’t started any Christmas shopping…………..I need to get on top of that. I like the race hats – and damn you are just so photogenic. Lucky you!

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