Unbreakable Runner


Monday: 4.1m interval (pace ranged from 8:15-6:50), 20min legs/shoulders/abs

Tuesday: 5m easy 8:10/pace, CFE (Crossfit Endurance) 5 Rounds- 500m row, 20 burpees, 20 sit-ups

I bought a new band for my Garmin. The lime green color was looking really dirty after 2 years of sweating in it. So I bought the band for the newer models. The forerunner 15 straps fit the forerunner10 (in size Small for women!), so I had a lot more options πŸ™‚ I’m sure all of you are just as fascinated as I was. haha


To work on better running mechanics and start a new approach to training this year (i’m already in 2015-so “this year” means the new year), I’ve been reading Unbreakable Runner. This is a CrossFit Endurance training program (not the body building side of CrossFit) which will supposedly help with running mechanics, fixing and preventing those lingering injuries due to muscle imbalances and instead of race “peaking” only a couple times a year, this program says it will keep you at 95% all year long on a lower mileage program. Which means you can race more often, run less miles, and recover faster.

My favorite aspect of this book is that it isn’t trying to disregard the high mileage traditional running plans (which every single runner follows or has followed). It’s actually offering an alternative for those runners that get injured often and those who want to run for a lifetime.

Understandably this sounds too good to be true. I’m only 50 pages and a few CFE workouts in and I’m already a believer. I’ve never been able to run more than 40 mile weeks without getting injured so to put this even further to the test, I will be following their 5k and half marathon plans once I choose races. And lucky for you, i’ll probably be talking non-stop about this program πŸ™‚ 2015 I’m coming for ya!

After my workout:

After 100 burpees, 100 sit-ups, 2500m row & 5 mile run

After 100 burpees, 100 sit-ups, 2500m row & 5 mile run

After a shower & food:


Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10m –Β 3 X 8:30, 3 X 8:20, 3 X 8:00 & cool down 8:45

Wednesday: 20 core

Thursday:Β 4m easy 7:54/pace

Friday:Β CFE 25min arms/abs (3 rounds 5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 15 sit-ups)

Saturday: 3.1m Fun 5k, untimed

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 17.1

Have you read Unbreakable Runner?

Are you using a different running plan that doesn’t involve high mileage running?



Author: She's Going the Distance


16 thoughts on “Unbreakable Runner

  1. I am totally in favor of people doing whatever it takes to stay healthy while attaining their running goals! So I really hope that this works well for you – I want you to be injury free in 2015! πŸ™‚

    I’bve never read it, but I don’t tend to read running books … I spread my hobbies around between running and music and computer games πŸ™‚

    • when i was reading this book, and heard the term “unbreakable runner” literally your face popped in my mind haha. some of us aren’t as gifted/lucky as you–also this is the 1st book i’ll complete this year. Im much more into music and games too…I figure I’ll catch up on reading one of these years haha

      • Oh no – my face popped up! I’m so sorry, surprised you could continue reading! haha

        But seriously, I spent a lot of time figuring there was some reason I could manage the miles and whatever without much consequence, generally thinking it was because I was so slow. But then I realized that I wasn’t THAT slow, and plenty of other runners I knew in my pace range – and particularly in my age group – had loads of injuries and issues. Last year I noticed that my wear patterns were really good, had a couple people comment on my form (in a positive way) and noticed how many miles I got on shoes. I think it all works together … I used to pronate significantly, but run differently now. Whatever works – I’m not arguing!

        I had just gotten into the book ‘Unbroken’ (that is also coming out as a movie soon), and then another fave author of mine released a book (the Russian writer who did the ‘Night Watch’ series) and now I’m divided and getting nowhere! Ugh πŸ™‚

  2. OMG your arms! I want!!!

    I have really been working on mine lately. I can see a little beachball under my skin that really wants to pop up like yours! haha

  3. I haven’t read it, but definitely want to.
    My training plan is all about some high miles. I think it’s all about what works best for your body. πŸ™‚

  4. That book sounds really interesting! I am also planning to work on mechanics ad mobility this year- and try to get rid of all those little nagging aches and pains I have dealt with this year! I just read “Ready to run” by Kelly Starrett (wrote a little about it on my blog yesterday) which is sort of from a cross-fit perspective but really focused on ways to make sure your body is prepared to run effectively. It was pretty interesting!

  5. This sounds awesome! I love being prepared for races at all times, and a constant low mileage plan with lots of strengthening sounds perfect.

  6. I am intrigued…………..and look forward to reading about it. I also seem to be injury-prone so anything that would stop that would be awesome.

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  9. Hi, picked up your great blog from googling Unbreakable Runner (which I’m reading). Do you still run based on the principles from the book?


    • I am totally into the strength side of crossfit endurance, especially when they call for strength on the same days as running. The Pose method they use for form, i do follow and teach my clients. I love it! I’ve been combining a traditional running plan with a few “speed work” portions from the crossfit endurance plans and I cross train with High Intensity Circuit Training how they describe in the book. I don’t follow the running plans to the T, but i can definitely say i have adopted a lot from the program (specifically the pose method & warm up drills) and I do what works best for me and my time allowed each week. πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for taking the time to reply πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you for taking the time to reply. πŸ™‚

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