First T-Day Run Ever


Monday: Rest

I’ve never once set foot out the door on Thanksgiving. Never laced up, never turkey trotted and never worked off my pumpkin pie before I ate it. But I needed it this year. I like running in different locations, so just getting out on the Ohio roads felt good, even if it was cold and snowing in my face hah.


It’s hard to see in the pic, but those rolling hills got me! I gained over 400ft of elevation in 4 miles. I was actually at 1,000 ft elevation…totally different from my sea level legs.  I wasn’t really anticipating a hill repeat effort, but hey it’s the first in my off season.


At least there was a hot shower, coffee and food to eat shortly after… oh this must be why you guys run on Thanksgiving morning haha.

20141127_095314 (1)


Oh and I don’t have any pictures of the pumpkin pie because I ate it. ALL of it. Then of course there were way too many family pictures being taken!

This is my cousin Brooke, me, Grandma Maley, & my niece Peyton:


Also—Ohio is hilarious. I miss the Midwest so much. Where are you ever going to find solid hunks of chocolate for sale at the grocery store like this?


Peyton ❤

Or this…can you spot it?

20141126_212900 (1)

Or the best of all.. someone that caters to your alcohol purchasing needs? On register ONE?

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.12.38 PM

I feel like I should have bought the Ohio shirt, walked around with a hunk of chocolate in one hand and a 12 pack of beer in the other… I’m guessing that’s what Ohio wanted me to do.

Last Week

Monday: 4m easy 8:16/pace, 20 min chest/back

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:14/pace, 20 min triceps/ core

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4m hills 8:33/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5m fartlek 7:33/pace

Total Miles: 19m

Anyone traveling for Christmas?

How do you handle scheduling your workouts while being around family?

Author: She's Going the Distance


15 thoughts on “First T-Day Run Ever

  1. I love how you captured the rolling hills in that picture – in my area things are either steep or more gradual than that, but I love that shot. Hadn’t really thought about the elevation (we’re a bit below 1000ft as well).

    The past couple of years I have run with my brother on Thanksgiving … in 2012 it was solid because we had both just run the Wineglass marathon in October … but last year he was recovering from his heart attack so it was a shorter and more casual run. But one that I treasured!

    I posted my Thanksgiving run this year on Instagram – because I went out at 10PM AFTER getting my younger son set up (he was DJ-ing at Macys, and my wife also had to work). So yeah, crazy Early Black Friday runner 🙂 Fun stuff!

    Also love the family visit pictures – looks like you had a great time!

    My approach on workouts is simple – if my wife and I are off, I don’t run. Aside from that – pretty much all the time. My brother was supposed to come up with his two kids, but he has been having nose-bleed issues and is still on heavy blood thinners so was recommended not to travel (ended up inn ER last weekend!) especially with the weather rolling through last Wednesday. So we still have about 5 pounds of turkey … ugh.

  2. We just have a 2 hour drive to see family for Christmas. I have to get up a little earlier to run, but its so worth it!

  3. I do so much traveling over the holidays! My husbands parents live in Cleveland but luckily they just bought a house in Florida otherwise I also would have been in Ohio for Thanksgiving (which wouldn’t have been bad- I actually like the midwest!) For Christmas we are going to Michigan first and then New York…once its all over Im never gonna want to leave home again
    Those hills look intense!

  4. That is a ridiculously large piece of chocolate! We visited Minneapolis this fall and loved it – those mid-westerners are so nice and friendly. But after that trip and our vacation in Europe in September I am glad to be not going anywhere for Christmas.

  5. I love your first picture… those are definitely rolling hills! Whenever I’m staying with family (or any big group of people) for more than a day or two I find that going out on a solo run is a great way to regroup and recharge. Sometimes I just need a little alone time with my thoughts after being around a lot of people! 🙂

  6. Due to crazy weather, I am flying rather than driving home for the holidays. It will be great to see family and possibly friends, who are in town, that I do not get to see much since my move 2.5 years ago. I am toying with trying out compression socks for the flight, which would be new for me. Suggestions?

    • compression socks are great for a long flight or car ride! I use Pro Compression—makes sure you search around for coupon codes, they ALWAYS have 30-40% off coupon codes floating around. When I fly, especially anywhere over 2 hours, my ankles swell and if i run the same day/or next day i’m usually slugging though and i’ve noticed a huge difference when i wear my compression socks.

  7. That alcohol convenience line is hilarious!

    I will do some traveling around the upcoming holidays. It can be difficult to squeeze in workouts, especially when I’m staying with family, but I just make it happen. I don’t work out as often, though.

  8. Where in ohio? Live in youngstown here. It’s been cold and running outside has been a challange. The treadmill has been getting a workout.

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