Phone Dump Friday #5 and A Big Decision


Monday: 4m trail run  9:17/pace

Tuesday: 6.5m easy 8:35/pace, 1hr TRX full body workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5.4m easy 8:25/pace, 40min triceps/shoulders, low back

Lotsa randoms today, but first I want to say I’ve made a huge decision this month. I stepped down from the manager position I took on 7 months ago, and am returning to full time personal training. If you noticed my lack of posts or in depth content,  it was due to the hectic job which noticeably took a toll on my life (personal, social and running.)

I’m happy to say I will have much more free time to focus on the things i love and take care of my body and mind. It was difficult to try and help clients when i felt like I was falling apart. My job was stressing me out so badly I became a tired, unhappy person. I lost sleep, stopped enjoying running–i was anxious about work-related things while running even though i was trying to relieve stress!  I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes, when you’re not happy in your job—take a moment and ask yourself why you’re doing it? Do you love what you do? Is the money worth it? Are you sacrificing other parts of your life that you might regret down the road?

Sorry for the seriousness on a Phone Dump day, but i had to get it out! Now I have to get some randoms out! Enjoy the pics, and share with me what your long run this weekend is! Mine is hopefully 8!

Katniss for Halloween

Katniss for Halloween

And my roommate Leslie–Hocus Pocus, everyone’s favorite Halloween movie. Did you hear the rumors about a Hocus Pocus 2??


Nike sponsored the Hunger Games right?

Cutest-tastiest-smallest-macaron ever.

20141025_232919Kristina BFFFFF and her newest little baby Adalynn

Adalynn slept right here for a while.. It was sooo sweet!

Twas the night before the Chicago Marathon…


Foodie Runner and the Bean

Best coffee house board referencing a few of my favorite shows 😉

Aaaaannd cause I was having a good hair day.

Last Week’s Recap

Monday: 25min back/legs, 10 abs

Tuesday: 5m easy 7:53/pace, 30min triceps

Wednesday: 3m easy 8:50/pace, 20min core/legs,

Thursday: 5m easy 8:30/pace, 25min chest, 10 core

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13

Author: She's Going the Distance


5 thoughts on “Phone Dump Friday #5 and A Big Decision

  1. Congrats on your exciting life changes!!
    And, that is the cutest macaron ever!

  2. Loads of great pics – didn’t know that ‘phone dump Friday’ was a thing … seeing it on a bunch of sites today! Love your Katniss costume – looks like you guys had fun!

    Making a choice like you did is never easy, but I think you did the right thing for YOU … which is all that really matters!

  3. I’m really glad that you were able to recognize that the positive was causing you so much extra stress and interfering with your personal life. Good for you for making a decision that will ultimately lead you to be happier!
    Love the costumes! My run this morning is 8 miles too…Its gonna be so cold out there!!

  4. Kudos to you for returning to what you love and also to what makes you happy! Congrats on two great weeks of training and getting back into it post-Chicago. I am readjusting to a work restructuring, which will be good, and am shooting for a 3-5 mile run with more consistent running next week.

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