Chicago Marathon – Just the Tip(s)!


Monday: 3m easy 8:35/pace, 20 min triceps, 10 abs

I have a good handful of friends and bloggers  that are running this Sunday’s Chicago Marathon! I want to help as much as I can with course tips & things to remember as we all begin to pack our bags for the weekend. Hope this helps!

Don’t Forget!

#1 Bring lots of different clothing options. Chicago’s weather is crazy this time of year and you never know if you’ll need shorts or pants, tshirt or tank come race day. Make sure you have an outfit plan set beforehand i.e. If the temps start at 55 or higher, I go in shorts and sports bra (sometimes a tank top). Anything under 55 gets a tshirt/capris.

#2 Bring throwaway clothes. You will want a sweatshirt/pants/hat/gloves you can toss off at the start line or in the first few miles of the race when you start warming up. You can clean out your closet, or just stop at a goodwill and get some ugly race day clothes :).

20141006_230826 (1)

my throwaways. very old clothes from the closet

#3 Wear sunscreen/sunglasses. Sunscreen will keep your core temperature cooler longer–important during a marathon! Plus you know..who wants wrinkles?

#4 Don’t Chafe. It isn’t fun. Even if you’ve never ever, ever chafed before, a marathon might just do it to ya. Get some body glide, lube, vaseline, or what I love to use Bandaid Friction Stick and do what Frank’s Red Hot’s would suggest and put that shit on everything. No joke. I put that friction cream on inner thighs, under boobs, even the places where a tank or tee could rub against my skin. Toes, heels, arches…I’m not joking, i put this on everything. It’s skin insurance. (the friction cream is dry and non-messy which is why it goes everywhere…vaseline might be too messy for everywhere)

don't forget the little things!

don’t forget the little things!

#5 Bring Compression socks/pants for traveling. These things have saved my life legs more than once while sitting on an airplane or driving home for hours. Seriously throw on a pair after a race or after you shower, your legs will never feel better (after a marathon of course).

#6 Race Day Nutrition- Bring the stuff you’ve tried and tested on your long runs. Honey Stingers have been my jam for the last year. Big thanks to my coach Lauren for introducing me to them!

#7 Coffee. Lots of it on race day. mmmmmmm


Course Info  (that I wish I had known before the longest run of my life.)  *SPOILERS!* <–haha

-The first 7 miles you run through the beautiful downtown area & then along the parks and lake for a bit. This tends to be windy since you’re on the lakefront and heading north. Don’t fight the wind or get caught up in pacing just yet. The crowd will be thick and the excitement will catch you early on. You’ll need your energy for the end of the race.

-Don’t forget to enjoy seeing all the different neighborhoods, they pass by quickly so try and take it all in.

-There are a lot of straight miles. Like you run in a straight line without breaks or turns for a mile or two at once.  Around Mile 23 the crowd support becomes scarce, the neighborhood is not very pretty and the last 3.2 miles are a straight line back up Michigan Ave. Just hang in there, put one foot in front of the other and crank up the motivational jams. You’re gonna need it. The crowd will reappear the closer you near the finish.

-It ends on a hill. Earn the medal. A flat 26 miles and you’re gonna finish on a .2 hill, but don’t worry, the crowd support is back and it’s almost time for a free beer.


1st marathon medal 2011

-Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. This is one of the country’s biggest and best marathons! Take the time to distract yourself from the hard running and read the signs people are holding up, high five little kids, read the tech shirts in front of you to learn about different charities and reasons why people are running, smile, say hi to your fellow racers, give a couple words of encouragement if you see someone struggling near the end, give someone a compliment if you can. No matter what, enjoy this race, enjoy the run and have fun while you’re doing it.

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: 20m Chest/Biceps, 10 abs

Tuesday: 5.3m tempo 7:49/pace, 10 core

Wednesday: 30m triceps & back

Thursday: 6m easy 8:23/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 1.5m hilly hike!

Sunday: 10.2m easy 8:09/pace

Total Miles: 23

 What your best marathon advice?

 What’s your favorite race day nutrition?


Author: She's Going the Distance


10 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon – Just the Tip(s)!

  1. That’s a great race list…I’m so excited!!

  2. Good luck, have fun, and I will enjoy reading your race recap!

  3. Great list and so important to have a list to work from … my first half marathon I had my GPS watch charging on the counter and … well, forgot it. That really messed me up (but was far from the only thing in that race that I messed up!).

    As for chafing … yeah, definitely agree with the ‘ounce of prevention’ thing. I generally don’t have an issue, but last summer I had my trail marathon where ‘light rain’ was forecast, but we ended up with torrential downpours and winds … and I was SO glad I applied body glide!

    Also, I love the picture of you as the soft-glowing Starbucks girl 🙂

  4. Fun list! Chicago is on my list of marathons to run, that and NYC! I liked reading your course spoilers, hopefully one day I will get there! My advice for marathon day (I’ve only done one so far) is to do nothing different, and to eat toast with pb, banana slices and chia seeds 😉

  5. Great info! My one piece of advice: nothing new on race day. Best of luck in the race – you are going to be awesome!

  6. Cori, I am SHOCKED that you would choose to run the Chicago marathon the same weekend as our 10 year reunion. I mean that thing is just going to be too much fun … yeehaw! 😉

    HAVE AN AWESOME RACE! Can’t wait to hear all about it after!

  7. I’m SOOOO excited for you!! Just signed up for runner tracking!! Get it girl!!!!

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