29th Birthday!


My 29th birthday started out with an early morning 6 X 800s track workout. I ended up running around the street I started my running journey on. It’s almost a perfect mile loop which worked for an 800 interval and a recovery lap. When I first started running, about 7 years ago, the goal was always to try and make it down the street to the stop sign, which was a half mile.

not the stop sign, but a sign!

not the stop sign, but a sign in Indiana!

Trying to make it to the stop sign was always a struggle. This was back when running 1-2 miles without stopping was the hardest thing ever. It was so difficult to push past the sign and continue on. My pace used to be 12:30/mile and I never thought I’d be sprinting past that sign a few years down the road. I wish my future self could have told that sweaty, tired, past Cori that she gets a little faster, running gets easier and she actually will enjoy it πŸ™‚

Each split I did the morning of my birthday was between 3:00-3:10 or 6:00-6:20 pace. Every time I passed that sign I felt so much more confident entering the last year of my 20s. I cannot wait to see how I rank as the oldest in the 25-29 age group throughout the year!



I spent the day with family, a carrot cake, my favorite pizza and a campfire with s’mores! I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed pizza from home. Nothing compares to it near me.



what a beaut!

I really soaked up time with a few people while I was out here and I can’t say enough how much I love all of them. Β And campfires. I really love campfires.


Jaxon, Brant & Mason


SIL Trish, Brant & Jaxon

Running while on vacation this time didn’t go terribly. I only missed a run or two and I’m planning on waking up early to squeeze in a long run before I take off. When I’m back into the normal routine of things this week i’m buckling down and 100% focusing on finishing marathon training like a beast. I’m getting excited!!!!!


clearly, i’m not the only one who enjoys S’mores!

Weekly Recap

Monday:Β 8.5m 7:41/pace, 25min back & hamstrings, 10 abs

Tuesday:Β 25min chest/shoulders

Wednesday:Β 7.1m easy 8:44/pace

Thursday:Β 20 min back

Friday:Β 7.3m track workout 800s

Saturday: 10 min 50 pushups, abs

Sunday:Β Rest

Total Miles: 22.9

What is your next race!? I’m doing the Geek Run 5k next Sunday!


Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “29th Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday! Have fun with your final year in the 20-29 age group! I turn 30 in November and I’m dreading the 30-39 group. For some reason that AG always seems to be more competitive than 20-29 in the races I’ve run. (maybe that’s just in southeast PA?)

  2. Happy belated birthday girl! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. Happy birthday! I just entered the last year of my twenties also πŸ™‚

  4. Happy ‘almost ancient’ birthday! πŸ™‚ I love the pictures and your broad smile throughout – looks like a great and well needed and deserved vacation!

    I might run a local charity 5k / 10k (haven’t decided if I’m running or what distance yet!) next weekend (we’re moving our older son’s girlfriend into college at Cornell as well, makes for a crazy schedule) … only solid plans remain my Ultra in October. Yikes.

  5. Happy birthday! Looks like the time home was lovely. Anything with camp fires is lovely!

  6. KILLER speed work!! What a fun way to kick off your birthday. HAPPY HAPPY ONE TO YOU! ❀ It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚
    I love seeing these strong workouts and I hope you have a wonderful 5K this weekend!

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