Try New Things


I did a long run yesterday (8.5m), and it was ROUGH. It’s been all gravy-train-sugar-clouds for the last few weeks coming back from the injury, but dudes—yesterday running humbled me and slapped me back into reality. Running is hard guys.


As soon as I took off, my quads were screaming and tight. I probably stopped 15 times during this entire run to stretch, walk and catch my breath. The only reason I finished is because everything in my lower body finally loosened up at the halfway mark. The humidity was brutal. Even when i slowed down I couldn’t take deep breaths..then it started raining, helped a little but not really. I could have been running through the Amazon for all i knew. Humidity and me do.not.get.along. Side note: i’m running hills almost daily because of where I’m living now. Not always fun, something is always sore or achy even when pace slows way the heck down. I’m going to enjoy every minute of flat Philly & Chicago in a few months!

The hard work from running hills, in heat and humidity will shine through come the fall. That has always been true, so i’m trying not to to be discouraged with a bad run. They happen. The love for the run happens on those random days where everything clicks unexpectedly and makes all the hard work worth every humid second.

On days where i’m not building mileage I have been working toward keeping myself happy. I’m trying new things, eating at new restaurants and focusing on just plain, being happy.  When my friend Marie came into town we went stand up paddle boarding for the first time & did boxing drills at my gym.


Marie & I in a friendly boxing workout

Last weekend our gym worked a church event and we all attempted Zumba. I’m NOT coordinated..and no, i don’t believe there are pictures of us doing Zumba, but it happened and it was a hard, sweaty workout.

20140727_110110 (1)

Ben, Michele, Torre & me

At the same event I got to rock climb.. that was a VERY fun first and will not be the last. Thank Bob I started doing more pushups and pull-ups because my forearms were feeling it!

20140727_091605 (2)

And… I got to bounce on this thing. Don’t know what it’s called but i’ve seen it at the mall and carnivals and stuff and always thought it would be fun. New and fun. For about 2 minutes then i was over it. Trampolines are where it’s at people.

20140727_092059 (1)


The rest are a little random, and not fitness related, but all in the same—Try new things! Like wearing my hair a little differently…


Or having eggs benedict on a waffle…


Or drinking a craft beer that is made with Old Bay seasoning…


Flying Dog beer

And last but not the end of these showing up on the blog… Taking a few minutes from my day to watch the sunset. I’ve been working late most week nights and i now take the time to step outside of the gym, breathe, relax and enjoy the different colors that each evening brings.




Monday: “The 120″ Workout, 15 abs

Tuesday: 30 min total body cardio workout, 3m easy 8:45/pace

Wednesday: 6m track workout 4 X 800s 7:40/pace

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6.2 easy 7:58/pace (flat terrain = huge difference in “easy” pace)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 8.5m easy 9:01/pace

Total: 24.3

What new things have you done lately?


Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “Try New Things

  1. Hey you! Glad to see you coming back strong – I did my first double-digit run in 3 months on Saturday, and I hear ya!! It was TOUGH! I think it’s amazing that we can stay in good shape but get out of the habit of longer runs, and have to build back up again. That’s half the run, right? :). I so want to jump on that trampoline!!!

  2. That’s a lot of new stuff! That trampoline thing looks awesome. I’m trying to build my mileage back up too, and it’s definitely tough at times. Although my schedule is so irregular that it’s hard to even judge my fitness levels at this point.

  3. So glad you are getting back, and yeah, dude it is HARD sometimes 🙂

    Hills are no joke – I think about how my hill work has changed up in the last year or two, and what I did as part of my 22 mile long run last weekend (hill repeats) … and it is crazy! I have 400ft of elevation in my normal runs because our hilly developments … so I deal with it. It actually makes me enjoy some hilliness in races..

    Love all of the new things … and hope things are going well in your new place. Tough transitions, I am sure, but hope all is well in that corner of your life.

  4. Love the hair 🙂 Is it twisted or braided on the side?

    You should come visit and do the Fort Lauderdale Half Relay with me in november – that would be a fun first 🙂

  5. I start my training for a half tomorrow and I have been slacking on my running big time in the last few weeks so I’m sure my run tomorrow will look a lot like yours did 🙂 I have wanted to try paddle boarding so bad, bet it was a blast!

  6. Running is SO hard, but you are doing SO GREAT!! I love seeing these workouts from you. Also you’ve inspired me to go rock climbing. That looks like so much fun!

    I am way too uncoordinated to do Zumba though.

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