Between White Lines


Monday: “The 120” Workout, 15 abs

Tuesday: 30 min total body cardio workout, 3m easy 8:45/pace

Wednesday: 6m track workout 4 X 800s 7:40/pace

Woo! I’m ready to talk about a few awesome workouts i’ve done over the last few days..

“The 120” – I had about 25 minutes to kill between clients so I made up a quick, fun, challenging arm workout. You start with 15 pushups (good ones!) and then do 15 TRX high rows w/shoulder rotation (if you don’t have a TRX just do inverted rows or straight up barbell rows. Then you go to 14 and 14, 13 and 13.. all the way to 1. When you finish you end up doing 120 pushups and 120 rows. KILLER shoulder/chest/ab workout. And it’s way harder than it sounds.  It starts as strength and as the reps go down so should the rest time in between, turning the workout into endurance… love it!


Last Friday’s front squat/dead lift workout w/Arielle!

Last week I did a faster than I should have run, an impromptu tempo run. My splits were 7:52, 7:36, 6:58. 7:56, 8:15. I blame that Sun Models song I told you about last week. It will be a fantastic song toward the end of fall races. And holy mother I can’t believe my legs have speed again. Fall racing is looking up!

Today I decided to hit the track for realz. I started with a 1 mile warm up 9:05/pace <—that took some restraint, but I have to focus on keeping my warm ups/cool downs and easy running EASY.


7:00am walkers

I wanted to keep the track workout simple & short. I’m still being cautious about overdoing it, but it’s time to start marathon training and to do that I have to push my legs a bit. 4 X 800s was the workout.


Reunited and it feels so gooood!

Splits (with 1-lap easy recovery in between each interval)

1 X 800 3:23

2 X 800 3:20

3 X 800 3:03

4 X 800 3:00

Mile splits: 9:05 warm up, 7:12, 6:45, 6:55, 8:00 cool down, 8:15 cool down

and I kept track of my splits like a caveman…There are literally small piles of rocks that add up to the number it should say digitally and sticks that are the colon time divider. And where there aren’t any rocks it’s means zero. I’m ridiculous, but it worked… Then I realized I had a phone to use to keep track of my splits and felt like a huge idiot haha. It was fun anyway.


I felt like I could have gone longer, gone faster, but I was just so ecstatic that it was happening I didn’t care too much about pace or distance. I just wanted to run fast. It was the first time since April that I felt like I wasn’t inhibited by an injury.

And i couldn’t help but laugh because every time I see those white lines at the track and i hit a workout hard…all I can think of is Jack Black.

Have you ever seen a girl so happy to do 800s?? Also– you know it’s laundry day when i’m wearing white socks :/

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.18.11 PM

Last Week

Monday: 3m 9:25/pace

Tuesday: 6.6m easy progressive (9:00-8:00pace), 40 min full body cardio/strength workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3m 9:59/pace, 30 min triceps/biceps, 15min full leg TRX

Friday: 7.3m 8:14/pace, 20 min legs (straight leg deadlifts + front squats 70lb bar)

Saturday: 5m easy 8:46/pace, 20 shoulders

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 24.6

Track  – Love it or hate it? 


Author: She's Going the Distance


9 thoughts on “Between White Lines

  1. Awesome, awesome awesome! So glad you’re feeling better and going fast … and love the ESB shirt! Total win!

  2. I would love the track if I had an actual track to run on! I always feel like its a treat when I get to one. We have a pavement circle that is about .3 miles around so it works as a track but its not any easier to run on because its concrete. So glad your runs have been going so well!

  3. Speedy! So glad you’re pain free and getting faster again 🙂

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