Your Biggest Running Goal


Tuesday: 6.6m easy progressive (9:00-8:00pace), 40 min full body cardio/strength workout

I don’t think anymore when I’m asked what my biggest running goal is. It’s a reaction. I say “Boston” as quickly as a dog’s head whips around when you say, “outside?” Qualifying for Boston was something I learned about while reading an issue of Runner’s World while training for my first marathon. It was something so out of reach and laughable in that moment, that i never thought i’d be actually attempting a BQ time.


just silly happy to be running

The Boston marathon wasn’t a goal when I started running and I don’t particularly have any ties to the city, but somewhere along I felt the desire to want to run this marathon. The competitive nature in me wants to be able to get into a race based on time. The exclusive, fast, cool kids marathon, as my ego likes to call it. But the closer i’m getting to Chicago–the one marathon to rule them all (or at least deem worthy to possibly enter the gates of Boston) the closer i’m beginning to realize, the marathon might be something i’ll never be great at. And it might not even be my biggest running goal—>it’s just something I feel drawn to and something that will help me see a part of this country i’ve never been too.


random sunset

Boston is the goal I gave myself for this year, if i don’t hit it in Chicago then i’m going to focus on other running goals which I think are a little more important to me. Here they are–I want to run a sub 6:00 mile, a sub-20:00 5k and I want to run a sub 1:30 half. Notice the trend, i want to run fast.

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

Now, let’s make something clear–my feelings, emotions and life in general have been all over the place. And this directly messes with my running life. My paces are jumping between 6:30-9:40s (emotions work just as hard for you as humidity works against you). I have no set training schedule and right now, i’m wearing half a sports bra so i don’t mess up the new tattoo and obviously i’m still feeling out/holding back because of the ankle. I keep asking myself what my goals are. Obviously–Boston, but then I’m asking why? I need something to light a fire behind me so I actually want to run Chicago fast. I’m hoping to have an epiphany out on a long run one of these days.

sunset at the gym

sunset at the gym

But I’m also realizing that Boston isn’t everything. A sub 3:35:00 does not define who I am as a runner or a person. It does not make me any better or worse of a runner. Wanting and obsessing over something is not healthy. Ā I figure as long as i’m running happy and training hard in the gym, good things will come. The times I want will post when my body is good and ready for them.

Until then, keep your hearts full and feet swift.

had to draw one out. colored pencil & cardboard.

had to draw one out. (colored pencil & cardboard)

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16 thoughts on “Your Biggest Running Goal

  1. I say we make a point to hit all those “smaller” goals (aka shorter and faster) after our fall marathons! Also, you look crazy pretty in pictures as always…unfair šŸ˜‰

  2. The thought of even running a marathon still scares me so more power to you!! I’m in that stage of wanting to run fast, too. I’m making progress that I never thought I’d see and it’s exciting! Glad that your ankle is better!

  3. YAY YAY!! I know that you are going to do great at Boston but I also think that your shorter/faster goals are definitely within reach! You go girl!

  4. I really think that people get fed the idea that a marathon and Boston are some sort of ultimate goal … but as runners we should see that someone who kicks butt at 5k, 10k or half is no less of a runner than a marathoner … it is about finding and working at our passion.

    As I have said on my blog a couple of times this week, just my love of running is a pure passion … as is staying healthy. I am 25.5 years uninjured as a runner – something I treasure. There is no goal greater to me than staying able to get up tomorrow and run.

    I am sure things are a mess now, and my thoughts are with you as you deal with it all … but glad you are back to doing some running šŸ™‚

    • yep, one of my major goals is to run uninjured. Don’t know how well that will go bc i seem to be kinda injury prone, but each time I learn more about my running self, so i hope 20 years from now i’m happily healthily running šŸ™‚

  5. For a while I felt like certain goals were out of reach, but lately I’m feeling like why not have big goals? Im a long way off from a BQ but theres no reason why i cant get there one day. My other goals include a 1:40 half and eventually a sub 20 5k.

  6. Yikes I fight with running goal obsessions too. I get goals fixed in my head and just drive them into the ground to where I forget to have fun. I’ve actually been focusing on an easy running plan where I take days by feel. If I mid a day because I slept it, no big deal. It has really helped so I don’t worry about hitting certain paces on tempo runs or missing speed work. Low and behold I enjoy running and my times are benefiting.

    • I agree! I’m totally running without too much thought other than easy/happy running right now and i am enjoying it much more and it takes a lot of pressure off of rushing my ankle back to marathon mode.

  7. Those are fantastic goals and I cannot wait to see you accomplish each of them. Curious, here, what tattoo did you get?! That drawing is awesome!

  8. I totally agree with your feelings on this (and we have very similar long term goals). I will run more marathons in my lifetime, but as time goes on I’m caring less about a BQ. To be honest I don’t think I’m structurally sound enough for that kind of distance over and over again. I’ve already been told by numerous doctors that my feet are a trainwreck and I’m highly injury prone. A BQ would be nice one day, but it’s definitely not everything and I think in the future I will be focusing more on shorter distances more often too. šŸ™‚

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