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First off, thank you Lauren @ Will Run for Boston & Lisa @ Running Out of Wine for sending a nomination my way. I’m always humbled that anyone thinks my life is interesting enough to read about–so thank you guys. We are all very inspiring BA’s. 😉

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1) I have tattoos. This one started as just a bass & treble clef with a weed in the middle. I’m not a fan of flowers, but we had these bushes in our backyard and my sister, best friend and I would pick them all the time and throw the petals for a pretend New Years Eve countdown or pretend weddings and stuff.white-flower-plant1020926


I added lyrics a few years later from this song because it reminds me of my parents.

2) I’m currently obsessed with this song Sun Models by Odezsa. It seriously gives me an out of body/i love life/summer mood chills. I could listen to this song on repeat for days and die happy with it. (Michael– show your son!)

3) I play piano & sing. I did an EP with the stage name Cori Indiana (super original). But I am proud of what I created. I still write music, it’s been years since I played a live show or did a recording though.. that makes me a little sad.cI1_1 full If you wanna hear some tunes, you can still stream them at the very ancient Myspace page. May I suggest “For The Greater Good” or “As Fast As You Do”? They seem to get good reviews.

4) My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Side fact: I like the middle movies of trilogies because it’s when the shit hits the good guy’s fan.

5) I bite my nails. I hate it and i know it’s disgusting, but it’s hard to break a habit i’ve had since I was in 2nd grade.

6) I keep peanut butter & dark chocolate chips in my drawer at work. Not gonna lie, it’s been a pretty amazing pre-workout snack.


7) I signed up for the Philadelphia half in September because this chick will be running too. And we both decided if we’re not in PR shape by then (which is likely) we will do this one together for fun 🙂


Behind the Blogger: Bloggers blogging bloggers.

Wanna see the righteous burger I ate with her?


Burger courtesy of “The Counter”. Not pictured: PB & J Adult Milkshake

Run, eat & live happy.

Author: She's Going the Distance


17 thoughts on “Very Inspiring BA

  1. Holy terrible photo of me lol. Awesome burger photo though which is what counts 😉 Yayyyy Philly!

  2. Hooray for Cori Indiana! And you KNOW what song I am listening to as I type – and will share with Chris when I get home. I love how it has that same cool and airy vibe as Wishery but in a different direction. Definitely headed for the iPod … very different than what I was listening to a minute ago (Marco Minneman’s new album EEPS, just got for review).

    Thanks for sharing all of this great stuff – one of my go-to recovery snacks in my high volume weeks this summer has been a wheat wrap with peanut butter and chocolate chips. OMG yes! And Star Wars and Empire are two of my faves (seeing the original in theaters was a life-changing experience).

    Because you know I am a hopeless sap of a romantic, you know my heart is breaking a little bit for you and I am sad … yet also happy that you have made a decision and choice that was difficult and going to be highly visible in the coming weeks. I am sorry and totally respect your desire not to talk about it.

  3. I remember those CoriIndiana pictures! 😀 You look so young in them!!!

    I also totally remember you and … John Something (I think his name was John? Bad memory!) talking about Star Wars in english class! haha

  4. Wow you are like a celebrity! I love that you still have a myspace page though.
    I was thinking about running the Philly half since my september half plans fell throug, but not sure if I want to run in Philly twice this fall since Im also doing the full in November. I might just stick to the Baltimore half in October.
    Sorry to hear your news, but I’m sure you are doing what’s best for you.

  5. Hurrah for pan free running and making good, yet hard, decisions! I am sorry for the pain those decisions inevitably bring and I respect you completely for not wanting to discuss it. I may do my first trail run in late September, if I can get my training up-to-speed.

  6. You are full of surprises – awesome tattoo and previous life as internet singing sensation. Kinda like a real life Robyn Scherbatsky!

    Sorry to hear your news – I’m sure that it was a really difficult decision but I’m sure it’s the right one for you guys.

  7. Always enjoy reading about the bloggers I follow. Yikes, I bite my nails too and hate it so much!

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