My First Time In Ocean City & Annapolis


Monday: 30min TRX & boxing drills

Tuesday: 3.3m easy 9:05/pace

I’ve been missing from the blog. Sorry dudes– this job and my real life is taking up a little too much time. I miss this. I miss you guys..virtual hug? No? k.

So I never got the chance to talk about my amazing weekend escape during the 4th of July weekend to Ocean City, MD. One of my awesome cool PT clients, Sarah let me tag along for the weekend. The beach was pretty. Much prettier than I expected (I’m a little spoiled since I lived in FL for 10 years).

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.18.20 PM

We had a good time telling strangers I train her and I was her trainer haha. The best part of the weekend was getting to wear these glow sticks, walk along the boardwalk & watch the fireworks. Just kidding, the best part was when Sarah and I had a few drinks and sprinted down a street. I like beer, but i really like running πŸ˜‰


IMG_9041 (1)

Sarah, Me, Jenna


I didn’t stick around too long the next day because I had a long run to fit in. Crazy how my long run is like 6-7 miles right now, but i’ll take what I can get—OH did i mention i’ve been running pain free? Yep. It’s been fantastic. Anywho, on the two and a half hour drive back from from OC, I decided to do something i’ve always wanted and just randomly stop and run in a new place. I picked Annapolis. Why not? It was another city in Maryland i’ve never ran in. (Zooma holds a 1/2 marathons there in the fall, but they’ve never lined up with my race schedule. <—i might have to do this bc Annapolis was so much fun to run in.)

20140706_112841 (1)

This house stopped me dead in my tracks, i could NOT get over how freaking cute it was.. and it’s purple c’mon!

20140706_113100 (1)

I loved running over all the different bridges..


Overall the weekend was rejuvenating. Sometimes you need to get a little sun, sometimes you need to run in a fresh new location. Sometimes doing new things is awesome. πŸ™‚

Last Week- better late right?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.1m 8:21/pace, 20 min back

Wednesday: 3.5m 9:00/pace

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4.8m 8:15/pace, 20 min shoulders + abs

Saturday: 7.2m 8:41/pace, 20 min triceps/biceps

Sunday: 1 hr SUP YO! Stand Up Paddle boaring + miles of Georgetown walking πŸ™‚

Total Miles: 19.6

Where’s the last place you ran?Β 

Last vacation you took?


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11 thoughts on “My First Time In Ocean City & Annapolis

  1. Welcome back! I’ve never been to beaches around those parts, but it looks pretty fun (and hot), especially for a holiday weekend. The last place I ran was yesterday in Berlin!

  2. Looks like a great trip! And pain free runs are awesome.

  3. Definitely looks like you had fun. While in OC did you get a chance to stop at Seacrets?

  4. haha, I just got to my training recap from last week today too! Better late than never is so true! I’m so glad that you have been running pain free! Chicago marathon here you come!

  5. Love all the pics and so glad you have been pain-free running! So great to hear!

    We just vacationed in NYC (college visit trips for the kids as well as tourist fun), and as I mentioned in my post I took the whole time off from running.

  6. Glad to hear that you are running pain free again!! I really want to try out the whole stop in a random place to run ASAP. The last place I ran was in my neighborhood and I’m going to count this weekends racecation as my last vacation (even though it hasn’t happened yet)

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