Weekend In Pictures


Monday: 30min legs

Ocean City, MD last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and a very random start to a weekend…


5th of July (but really the 4th since we had glowsticks and the fireworks were on the 5th)

Next day on the drive home I decided to stop in Annapolis to do a long run. Random fact: I almost always have running shoes & a sports bra in my car.. and after Sunday I will ALWAYS have a bag of running clothes in my car. Always.

When I travel, even overnight somewhere I try to have healthy snacks at hand so I wasn’t worried about fueling/recovery for the random run.

until the Garmin dies…


and until your legs can’t take anymore…

and when they can’t take anymore, keep a pair of compression socks in the car 😉



Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3m 9:50/pace, 15 abs, 

Wednesday: 25 min chest/shoulders, 15 legs, 10  abs,

Thursday: 4.1m 8:56/pace

Friday: 4m 8:25/pace, 20 min back

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 6m 8:52/pace

Total Miles: 17.1m

Anyone ever stop on a road trip to run?

Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “Weekend In Pictures

  1. Haven’t stopped on a road trip to run YET… We are planning on driving across the country (again) in the near future (and avoiding the never-ending drive through Texas), and this will hopefully happen in some cool spots!

  2. I never have – but I ALWAYS run when I travel 🙂 Looks like a great weekend!

  3. 17 miles! Yay, awesome week 🙂 I’ve never stopped during a road trip to run somewhere unplanned but I do plan places I’d like to run in advance and pack my stuff so I don’t miss some cool new place.

  4. I’ve always wanted to just pull over during a road trip and go for a run but I’ve never done it! 4 runs this week?! Amazing! Good things are happening!

  5. Sounds like you are always prepared! I have never done that but running in Annapolis sounds awesome! (I did a half there last Nov and loved the scenery!) Also a great way to break up the trip.

  6. Nice week! I’ve never even thought of keeping running stuff in my car – what a great idea!

  7. Very interesting. I’ve never stopped on a road trip to run but that is a great idea. I also need to start keeping running equipment in my car….just in case 🙂

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