I’m Tired, but I’m Running


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30min upper back, 20 min Kettle Bell workout/leg stretching

Wednesday: 3.2m easy, 20 abs

Between the new job and running, i’ve had to start getting up early, but it’s tough. I’m not a morning person. I’m a sleep in, make breakfast, sip on 4 cups of coffee til i’m finally awake, person. Getting out of bed isn’t hard for me, it’s actually the fumbling around the apartment and getting my legs warmed up part. The half asleep me that can’t remember why i walked from one room to the next. I feel like I’m wandering around for at least 15 minutes before I’m awake and making decisions to get out the door.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 12.51.14 PM

Once i’m out, I kinda like soaking up morning thoughts and just being outside.Β Even though the humidity is terrible, It’s better than snow and ice and it’s also helps keep the running easy. I know i’ll be doing all of my runs in the easy category, but i’m already itching for a speed sesh on the track. That day cannot come fast enough.



Runner’s World had a few good tips for morning running I thought were helpful so I wanted to share:
Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.05.26 PM

I haven’t been eating at all before these runs. I know I don’t need a big breakfast before I head out for a measly 2-3 miles, but a few bites of a banana or something will probably help more than hurt. And if they recommend 1/2 cup of coffee, i’m totally down!



Today was perfectly overcast, great for some picture taking. The creek I run along was super clear today πŸ™‚


and after run stretching, cause that’s my new normal. You can’t see it in the pics, but i’m literally drenched from the humidity. And I don’t mind at all πŸ™‚



What time of day do you run?

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20 thoughts on “I’m Tired, but I’m Running

  1. I am not a morning person by any means! But I do want to get some early runs in as I hate doing them at night and missing family time. Thanks for the article! I will be putting it to use!!

  2. What awesome pictures on your run!!

  3. I remember transitioning to morning running – I felt so tired at first. I just didn’t feel as peppy as I did in the afternoon. I eventually adjusted, but it took a few months.

  4. I’ve trained myself to be a morning runner. And it was tough getting used to it but now I sometimes wake up before my alarm. But it’s a necessity – I just can’t do running in the heat.

  5. I’m such a midday runner but when I get home I’ll have to transition…won’t be fun for a few weeks but totally necessary with the stupid VA heat/humidity.

  6. I have a hard time running anytime other than the morning, so it’s a good thing I have no problem waking up early. Even if I’m not running or have no plans on the weekend, I usually wake up around 6am. I love those morning hours so much!

  7. I have been an early morning runner since just after I started running back in ’89, because that worked better with my schedule. And over time my ‘early morning’ shifted a bit … I used to get up at 5:30, then 5, then 4:30 … and now it is 4AM. Allows me to get the dogs and cats set, make the coffee, check email, and then get out the door by 4:30. That is just my time of day πŸ™‚

    • i just have to get used to it. πŸ™‚ I’ve only been trying out morning running for 2 weeks, so if i can last a few months it will get better. Plus I do like the ides of having “me” time. I might be able to blog more often that way haha

  8. I usually run in the afternoon or after work, but with the weather getting warmer, I’m transitioning to doing some of my runs in the early morning. Thanks for sharing those tips, I’ve been hungry on some of my morning runs and afraid to eat something small beforehand, seems like it would be worth trying to eat a small amount of food before my morning runs.

  9. I function the best first thing in the morning! I typically start the process of getting ready to run right away, although it might take up to 45 mins to an hour to actually get out the door. If I lay around or start watching TV I find it so much harder to get going! I can’t eat much but can usually handle a half of a banana or half of a honey stinger waffle just to get a little boost of energy. I also drink coffee while I am getting ready to run…and lately I have been making iced coffee the night before so its ready to go as soon as I wake up!

  10. I really want to be a morning runner but it just never works for me. If I’m doing slow and easy runs I’m fine but if I need to push it a little bit my body just doesn’t respond first thing in the morning. around 10 or 2 is ideal time for me but the heat right now is making that hard!

  11. I’m so not a morning person either. But I actually don’t mind waking up super early for long runs. It’s so darn hot here that it’s almost impossible (for me) to run outdoors during summer.

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