The Day After National Running Day


Monday: 2.4m walk/run, 30 min chest/biceps, 10 abs

Tuesday: 25 min legs/hamstrings, low back

Wednesday: Rest

Nope, i didn’t post yesterday because I went to run on NRD and as soon as i got to the trail and began running, that little bitch of a pain came back in ankle. Super. Lame. I was really disappointed and almost cried in the shower because i was depressed with the setback.

I made my way into the chiropractor’s office and he looked at me and asked why the ef i was back so soon. After 45 minutes of painful accupressure and single leg squats on a balance board, we came to the same conclusion. I’m good to ease into running, but there’s something about my anterior tibia that tightens up and pulls my ankle the wrong way. You may remember this issue I talked about back in January. We’re working on trying to figure out what’s going on and how I can keep it loose. This might be a month or two of trial and error.

Later in the evening, I started reading everyone’s blogs on National Running Day and it made me happy and excited to get back to running when i’m 100% healthy. Runners are truly amazing. Seriously–everyone has personal reasons for why they run and I can relate to all of them. That’s why I feel such a sense of community with this blog. We’re all here for a common run happy :). (Brooks totally nailed that slogan)


I run because I need an outlet for my thoughts. Work gets crazy, life gets stressful and life events happen. Running is something that is constantly pumping me full of endorphins and clears my head when i need it (always). Running gives me a sense of being a powerful, strong person that can do hard things. Running allows me that extra piece of chocolate or slice of pizza. Running lets me dress like a 5 year old wearing every ridiculous neon color under the sun. Running lets me explore different cities and experience nature in a whole new way. Running makes me feel. Running creates an indescribable internal burst of love and energy that only runners understand. It’s why we wake up at 5am. It’s why we fit in a run any which way when we can. It’s why 10% of our paychecks go to gear, shoes and races. It’s why no matter what we try and convert people to the BEST SPORT ON THIS PLANET.

(drops mic)

Damn it feels good to be a runner.

Author: She's Going the Distance


18 thoughts on “The Day After National Running Day

  1. Keep your head up ❀ I was there not that long ago! Damn ankles! πŸ˜‰

  2. Best community I have ever been a part of. Hang in there, you will be back to running in no time. Although I’m the same way when I can’t run, time seems to go by in slow motion. Always have to look at the big picture and your ability to run pain free is more important than a couple runs. Keep up the great work.

  3. You’ll be back to it soon enough! I love your optimism and enthusiasm about everything. We really ARE the best community around. I hope your ankle is feeling better today! ❀

  4. I always loved runners but I’ve got to say, blogging has really made it more obvious to me what a community it is. So sorry about the ankle! We want you back stronger than ever πŸ™‚

  5. And as usual you have planted another song in my head (Damn it feels good to be a gangsta … love Office Space).

    I agree that the running community is amazing – I am SO glad that a couple years ago I broke out into the more social running community and now blogging, amazing awesome people!

    Sucks to hear about the ankle … so glad you are keeping a positive attitude – well after crabbing at Cameron, that is. We’ve all done it – and having teenagers there are now FOUR possibilities for who had a crappy day and hates the world πŸ™‚

    • hahah I’ve been good at the music references. From now on though i’ll just laugh and know it will be stuck in your head.

      a house full of people, especially teens makes for a lot of crabby days for sure! I’ve been feeling a little better though and i did apologize to cameron πŸ™‚

  6. I love all your reasons for running! Its awesome that you are able to stay positive. At least it sounds like your chiropractor is helping you work through it! Hopefully you guys will figure out what is going on and fix it ASAP! You still have plenty of time until fall marathon training:)

  7. Sorry to hear about your setback – stupid ankle! I hope your chiropractor can get you back on your feet ASAP. Cos, you know, running totally rocks!

  8. I’m sorry to hear your first run back sucked. 😦 Just keep focusing on the fact that you are heading in the right direction and will be healed soon! I laughed when you talked about dressing like a 5 year old. In my day to day wardrobe I’m pretty conservative but still wear color just not several at the same time. in my running clothes I swear I wear 7 different colors at once.

  9. I just love how you explained why you love running exactly my thoughts too. Happy Running!!! ❀ had my 1st ever 12 miles last friday and it felt good.

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