Ankle Exercises!


Monday: 2 mile walk, 25 min shoulders/biceps

Tuesday: 20 back and hamstrings, 10 abs

I’m doing well keeping up with cross training and strengthening my ankle while I’m not running.  I wanted to share what i’ve been up to during this month long running hiatus (can’t believe it’s been 24 days!–yes i’m counting!) I had an encouraging post in my Facebook feed from Runner’s World. It made me feel like I won’t completely lose fitness by walking.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.22.16 PM

I’m trying to walk every day or every other day until I get the full ok to start running. On Memorial Day, I went for a sunny walk near my gym.


I saw a couple deer on the walk, small fish in the creek and I still had no pain in my ankle!

I tried my hands and feet at 30 minutes of yoga over the weekend and man, I need to do this more often. Just holding some of these basic poses made me sweat and afterward my entire body felt relaxed and loose. I took a few pictures, not to show off cause i’m not flexible, but to have a starting point. Maybe in 6 months from now I’ll have better form and flexibility.


I didn’t know I clasped my hands until I saw this picture.. that’s cheating. haha


I found sports bras at American Eagle for just $6 each over the weekend. 🙂 They’re not high impact, but good for yoga, walking and work. And they’re so pretty! This had nothing to do with my ankle recovery, but a deal that good would make anyone feel better.


Every night i’m trying to do something to strengthening my ankle. The usual go-to’s for mobility/strengthening is to make circles with your ankle and trace the alphabet, getting the ankle to move in all directions. I also stumbled upon this video and started doing these exercises. They don’t seem like much, but they work! I did about 20 reps per exercise.

Does any one out there walk as cross training? 

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18 thoughts on “Ankle Exercises!

  1. Right now yes for sure. I can’t run again yet, so I’ve been walking and doing some light stuff on the bike the past couple days. What a gorgeous walk you guys went on! It’s so pretty there! I’m glad your ankle is feeling so much better, lady! You’ll be back at it in no time!

  2. Congrats on all the hard work. You are doing way more than I would be if I was hurt. I actually need to stay doing my strength training again. I’ve never attended a yoga class but that stuff looks hard lol

    • Thanks! I’m very fortunate that I have a gym full of knowledgeable trainers to help when I have issues. I think I caught the problem early which always helps. You should try beginning yoga fun!

  3. Your arms look ripped in that yoga pose 😉 I’ve been doing a lot of ankle strengthening lately too, I like hanging a weight over my foot and and doing circles in either direction. I haven’t done it in while but last summer I did tons of hill walking (10-15% grade on the treadmill for 60-90 minutes) to strengthen my legs during a running hiatus.

  4. Great job, and always love the pics! Beatles shirt FTW!

    Lisa’s ankle is irreparably f-ed up, between old injuries, arthritis and shredding the outer ligaments in a fall last fall … so we walk! It is great stuff, we try to get out a few times a week, and usually take the dogs as well.

    I really believe you’ll be rewarded for all of your hard work – and double-fisted carbs! 🙂

  5. When my iron was realllllly low last fall I actually did a lot of walking because running everyday just seemed like too much. I would power walk with my dogs for 2-3 miles and we would all be pooped afterwards! Those bras are super cute! Great deal too!

  6. Those bras are so cute! Im glad your ankle is doing better but you made me cringe every time you showed me an exercise today. Dont push it! Cant wait for that first back to running post. 🙂

  7. I did some walking during an injury a few years ago. At least its warm out so its enjoyable to go for walks! I don’t think you would have wanted to go walking a few months ago:) Can’t wait to hear that you are back to running!

  8. The worst part of being injured is being stuck inside (especially now that the weather is so nice) – getting out and walking (painfree!) sounds awesome. Your headstand is really impressive too! Can’t wait to hear about the first injury-free run – it’ll be SO good.

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