Keeping Up With the Ks, Via the Kar


Monday: 45 min stationary bike10 min hip exercises

Tuesday: 20 min triceps/shoulders, 15 abs

Wednesday: 25 min full body TRX, 10 abs

Last weekend we had a mini road trip up to Saratoga Springs, NY for Cameron’s sister’s college graduation. (can’t wait to just call her a SIL ((sister in law/can i really use parenthesis in the middle of already using parenthesis?)) ). It wasn’t a bad car ride, but can I ask a serious question? Why does New Jersey smell like farts?


The bridge between Delaware & Fart Jersey

And the only other strange thing we saw was a GIANT ad for Kim K’s perfume. I was so distracted by all the curves… so weird…and on the side of the truck there was a full body shot. Sorry i didn’t grab the 2nd pic but I was just trying to focus on keeping my eyes on road.

Anywho, when we made it to NY we got to see Juliana’s amazing gallery art. (And yes she is as nice as she is pretty.)

And here’s us all at the graduation.. i’ll probably get yelled at for this, but i thought it was hilarious.

i mean, cmon, no one likes graduations. They are horribly boring and the only part that counts is the 5.5 seconds hearing the name you came for and quickly grabbing pictures after. Here’s the proof, we were all there, supportive and glad to be getting burgers afterward! And I have no idea what were we laughing at, but it may be one of my favorite pictures ever!


Speeding through the rest of the weekend—> I completely forgot to take pictures of all the grand meals we ate, or the free shots of tequila Cameron and I accepted (star blogger right here!) but i took them where it counted…


Cameron and I took Saturday night out for ourselves and stumbled upon The Wine Bar. It was cute, dark and quiet, just like us old folk like it. I was jealous of the wine Cameron choose…a Cigar Zin… mmmmm.


And the cool lights on the way into/out of the bar.



What’s the best wine you’ve ever tried?

Upcoming races?? Spill, i need to live through you and get motivated to cross train!

Author: She's Going the Distance


14 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Ks, Via the Kar

  1. I had some amazing wine’s while we were in South Africa. The one bottle we decided to bring home is a Cab Franc (whatever that is) A really good one that I buy here though is called Layer Cake. If it has cake in the name it’s got to be good, right?! I’m planning on doing a 5k on Monday as long as this scratchy throat doesn’t turn into anything worse.

  2. Skidmore I presume? I love the feel of Saratoga, is more ‘New England-y’ than most NY places. I was in Troy (20 minutes south of Saratoga) a few weeks ago.

    Best wines … tough call. I love visiting vineyards when I can, in Ontario, Europe, California and of course since we live in the FInger Lakes there are plenty of great wines. So I guess I choose ‘YES’ #allthewine.

    As for races, there is a 5 miler on Sunday morning I am strongly considering … but definitely makes me nervous about running hard for that long. So not sure – plus it is Lisa’s day off (and she works Monday) so that would generally be a ‘no run’ day. Will decide tonight.

    Also, the graduation explains the Instagram picture of you in the black dress … but I notice we don’t see your feel in any of the pictures #runningshoesgowitheverything. 🙂

  3. Graduations really are boring! I am so glad that my sister-in-law’s this year was only an HOUR! I don’t know how they did it but it was awesome! Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be that lucky with my sister’s high school graduation in two weeks 😦

  4. I’m a sucker for a nice, sweet moscato 🙂 Mmmm!

  5. I’ve had more wine than I ever thought possible while in France. But it’s so cheap, I can’t resist. That’s such a good picture of you all!

  6. Best wine I’ve had was probably in France, a few standouts come to mind right away. Your sis in law is so gorgeous!

  7. The Wine Bar is the fine establishment that Juliana worked in last summer when her apt burned down. I knew I had heard that name before! Thanks for showing us all (except Dean of course) ignoring the graduation. If you call Juliana SIL, do I call you DIL? And will you call me MIL? 🙂

  8. I don’t know if I could choose a “best” wine…there are so many that I have come to love that are reasonable and I’m like what’s the point of spending more on expensive wines? But when I do get the chance to try a really good wine it is pretty awesome.
    I remember going to my sisters graduation last year and it felt like it went on forreevver.

  9. Graduations are boring! I went to a really old university for undergrad and our ceremony was in Latin (!) so nobody had any idea what they were saying and we needed someone to come and nudge us when we had to go on stage. I’m assuming they were congratulating us on earning our degrees but who knows………….

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