WRICE is a Wreal Thing.


Monday: 25 min back workout

Tuesday: 15 abs, 20 biceps/chest

With the help of a few reader comments we have a new RICE, now with a side of Wine! WRICE:  Wine > Rest > Ice > Compression > Elevation. It’s definitely helping the ol’ ankle feel better.

 thank you for the reminder, awesome sign on my wall

thank you for the reminder, awesome sign on my wall

Last weekend I found myself wandering around Barnes and Noble in the Sports section, staring up at the running books in tears. I kept thinking that I should get an inspiring running book to read while i have more downtime, but i decided it might make me more upset than encouraged.. Guess i’m just not “there” yet. I ended up with a comedy book & the complete Wizard of Oz series. (I’ve had an obsession with OZ since i was very young.) Seriously though, i feel about 70% better than I did last weekend, and I appreciate all of your concerns & well wishes toward my recovery. 🙂 I’ve honestly never been happier NOT running a marathon and making a good decision. It’s always a better idea to run without pain than to push through and possibly injure yourself. Guess i’m growing up and stuff. #agewisdomrunning

The McDavid Compression sock is literally saving my life ankle. The moment I put it on the pain went away. It holds my ankle perfectly in place so I don’t overextend or put stress where the pain is. The amazing part is there are gel pads on the side to compress the area.


This is the sock turned inside out so you can check out the pads.

Details of how this thing works

Details of how this thing works (buttress..heheh)

All in the same week I’ve felt kinda old. My ankle failed me and I found a stark white hair hidden amongst my dark browns… Not feeling too great after last week, but the positive side is I got the job I interviewed for (and the ankle is recovering!) I’m now the Fitness Manager of our personal training department. I still get to train clients which is a HUGE plus, because I love my clients and I love training. And during this job transition i’m almost too busy to think about running. Almost!

Last week’s workouts (or lack thereof)

Monday: 20 min triceps/lower back, 10 abs

Tuesday: 4.6m easy 9:30/pace

Wednesday: 2.8m easy 9:25/pace

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Color Me Rad 5k

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 10.5

What do you do suggest I do to keep my mind off running??

What’s your favorite gelato flavor?

I had birthday cake & chocolate when we went out, sooo good!

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “WRICE is a Wreal Thing.

  1. mmmmm, gelato can cure so many things! 🙂 My favorite flavor is by far Bacio! Its chocolate hazelnut – so basically nutella in creamy, frozen form! It’s amazing!

    I’m so glad to hear that your ankle is starting to feel better. When you rock the socks off Chicago in October you are going to be more than glad that you listened to your body this time around!

  2. It’s all about mindset. As hard as it is to think about not running, you have huge positives to be happy about. Ankle is getting better and your new job. All I can say is resting is building for a much bigger goal and that’s Chicago. Keep up the great work.

  3. I know what you mean – when I’m injured I don’t want to read/talk/hear anything about running! But glad that you’re ankle is feeling better and congrats on your new job.

  4. My go-to answer is usually wine, but you have that one covered. I wish I had better advice! I was just in the same spot as you are though and I know it’s not fun. That sock sounds amazing and I might have to pick one up for myself just to wear for the next couple weeks in my downtime. I’m so glad that you are feeling better so far and that the rest of your recovery is super speedy!

    That restaurant sounds great. I LOVE SEAFOOD!

  5. I’ve definitely been doing my part drinking wine in support of your recovery! Does that work? Who knows, but it couldn’t hurt!

    A few years ago I went with my son as part of his orchestra group to see Wicked in Rochester, and it was an amazing show … and he got totally into Oz after that. For me, I never read the book, it has always just been the 1939 movie …

    Gelato … my fave tends to be the Mango flavor I get at Rita’s. But then I totally love mango.

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your ankle!! Are there any other projects you’ve wanted to do but never had time for? Like scrapbooking or a photo album? You could go ahead and premake some pages for your wedding and then stick pictures in later! Any gelato that has chocolate in it is a winner for me.

  7. Congrats on the new job! And WRICE should definitely be a thing. Maybe once you know exactly whats going on with your ankle you can start rehabbing it, and that will give you something to do instead of running? (Obviously, its not the same at all). I was sort of injured in the months leading up to my wedding, so I decided to try to get super toned arms/upper back since that is really all you can see in a wedding dress. They never really got that toned but at least it gave me something to focus on:)

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