Tapering Thoughts…


Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 10m easy 7:51/pace, 15 min abs

I woke up this morning and realized i’m like 9 days out from a marathon. Nine!! I’m so excited that I get to run a marathon (injury free!) to test out my running fitness. I know I talk about qualifying for Boston a lot here, but this race isn’t my ‘A’ race to qualify, however this marathon will give me a good idea of how much work is ahead of me in order to run under a 3:35:00 and qualify. I have a few goals i will be focusing on and have been focusing on during long runs. Tapering always brings up a lot of “what if’s”, goals, racing plans, and craziness.

1) I want to Run Strong. I want to avoid going out fast & fizzling out my energy early. I want to feel strong and in control as long as possible. That means slower, even pacing so that my 2nd half, especially the last 6.2 miles can possibly be a negative split. #tryingtoavoidthefreakingwall

2) I want to Run Fueled. I’ve been practicing eating smaller amounts of Honey Stinger Fruit Snacks (Cherry Cola has my heart!) more frequently through a run. I’ve noticed a big difference in sustained energy and I appreciate all my readers & coach for helping me come to this realization. Also–I’m not a big fan of chewing while running (i’m not coordinated) and i know a lot of you don’t like to either. Lauren told me to just put a chew in the side of your mouth in your teeth or cheek & it will melt away without blocking your airways. This little trick has been coming in handy.

from the trail when my mom  was in town

the trail where the Marathon is going to be held 

3) I want to Run a PR. Who doesn’t? My PR right now is a 4:28:28. Based on my current training & mile splits & years working at the half marathon distance, i imagine this will be easy to break. Then again, a marathon is a different beast and “easy” is not usually associated. Haha When I ran my 4:28 race, i crossed the start line thinking a sub 4:00 marathon was in the bag. I can’t really assume anything with a marathon. But I do know i’m training smart, i’m healthy & I like running a lot more than I did back then.

I don’t usually like posting my time goals, but what the heck, it’s not the race I’m trying to go for the BQ and finishing a 2nd marathon is going to be a huge boost!

C) Anything under 4:28 to PR.

B) Sub 4:00

A) 3:45, I think this might be doable for race day if everything goes well.



Flex Friday!

The remaining runs i have are all 6 miles or under… I can already feel my legs getting antsy & the speed coming out. I thought I was beginning to lose all speed because those high mileage weeks really took all my energy and I felt slow, heavy & slow some more. Once the mileage went down my speed was just where I left it, now I just have to remember to save that speed for the last part of the race!

pigeon pose

pigeon pose 

Until the marathon i’ll be doing the norm — stretching, foam rolling, light cross training, and eating my carbs.

What is a MUST during a taper?

stretching & a shake out run the day before

How many goals do you have for a race?

I always have at least 2 minimum!


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14 thoughts on “Tapering Thoughts…

  1. I love that you set three goals – I like to do that too and then see how I feel on race day. Hope you survive taper week!

  2. I’m going to have to try that with the chews because I’m a complete failure at eating while running. I make 3 goals: safety, reasonable target, and a reach goal that is probably like 5% possible and only works out if every condition is perfect.

  3. I’m so excited for you!! It’s going to be an awesome race, I can feel it!

  4. I always like to have a few different goals, so I don’t feel like I “failed” if I don’t meet my main goal. Like you said, the marathon is a beast! It’s so different than other shorter distances. Based on how you have been training I have no doubts that you can run a 3:45! (I would even say you could BQ now!) but I understand where you are coming from! Hopefully everything will go well on race day! I also love the trick about the chews…I have stuck with gels because I hate chewing while I am running, but maybe I will try that out!

    • haha the idea that i can BQ right now has crossed my mind, but honestly i’m trying not to get ahead of myself. Good luck with the chews! it changed my life. still not perfect, but chewing it and putting it aside helped tremendously!

  5. I always go into a race with a few different goals. It helps to set you up for success no matter what! I hope you feel great on race day! 🙂

  6. Your race is getting so close! I am seriously excited to see what you can do! Personally, I think you’ve got 3:45 IN THE BAG! 🙂

  7. Definitely agree on the multi-goal thing – I’m not sure where I read it, but it was AFTER my first half marathon but before my first full. I entered that with two goals – finish and run the whole time! 🙂 My goals are a bit more ambitious and specific now!

    I’ve been working on fueling lately, and have managed to get to the point where I can eat and drink WHILE running … and even drink running up a tough hill (OK, I did it once so far). It is a challenge, as it started out with me mostly choking and gagging 😀

    For tapering musts, don’t forget to properly fuel everything – not just carbs … but I’m sure you already know that!

    Oh, yeah, and don’t go crazy as the balance of running to eating tilts away from you this week!

    So excited to see how you do – you’ve got this!

  8. Your training has been amazing and I think you will have a PR all day. I love your goals! (I usually like to set 2 if possible as well.) Cheers to the rest of your taper! I can’t believe how close you are!

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