It’s Baseball Season!


Monday: 20 min TRX upper body, 10 abs

Tuesday: 6.5m running/walking

The Capitals are blowing hard lately and it’s not looking good for playoffs, so i’m turning to the Blackhawks in hopes one of my teams will do well. On the bright side, baseball is finally upon us and my mom’s in town so it was a pretty good day for a Nationals vs Braves game.


We went to the game, walked around to see the monuments & have been eating pretty well…
20140406_151839 I

Cotton candy with beer was actually a little too sweet for even me, but i don’t regret it!


I know the post is a little short, but don’t fret! I have more pictures from our week, I have a really long run tomorrow – 18 miles!!

Last Week’s Workouts!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 15.4m 8:26/pace, 10 abs

Wednesday: 3.4m Garminless, 30 Core

Thursday: 7.4m fartlek, 7:57/pace, 20 min triceps/back

Friday:  20min chest/biceps

Saturday: 4.1m easy 8:10/pace treadmill

Sunday: 6m hill 7:58/pace

Total Miles: 36.2 + a few DC walking miles on Sunday 🙂

How often do you get to see your family? 

How do you feel about running without watches?

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15 thoughts on “It’s Baseball Season!

  1. All I could think when I read you found your dress was YOU WAITED THIS LONG?!? But yayyyy and you better show me a thousand pictures. So glad you had a great time with your mom and got such pretty days to go downtown 🙂

  2. Ahh I definitely want to see your dress, but what about Cameron? Does he read your blog? Will he see it? Is that bad? Or is it only bad for the groom to see the bride in the dress? (so many questions!)

  3. A few random thoughts:
    – Exciting on your wedding dress, that is always a fun time. Glad you had your mom there!

    – Speaking of your mom, I saw the instagram from the game and didn’t realize she was there as well! Creative crop! And I had to chuckle because looking at that pic and the workout one from you two I had to wonder if she is older or younger than me 😀

    And Kristina – Cameron has his own blog that I enjoy (, and I would assume he reads this one as well! It is a reminder that it is harder than ever to keep things secret – we have a shared photostream so if Lisa took a picture it would instantly appear in my stream …

  4. I LOVE BASEBALL! My team is horrible and has been forever, but I don’t care. It’s still so much fun to go to games. 🙂
    I don’t know how I feel about running without my watch. It would probably be weird. I could get down with that on a shorter run, but not on a longer one.

    I see my family pretty often. My mom a few times a week usually and my dad every couple weeks. We just had dinner with my mom last night and it’s always a blast! You and your mom are so pretty!

  5. I used to never wear a watch- not even to time myself. I would just run the same route every day, not caring on how fast or slow I was going. Then I got a watch that just did my time and I used that for years. I’d do the math if I felt like it to calculate my approx. pace. A little over a year ago, my hubby got me a Garmin. I can’t imagine life without it! But I sort of knew that would happen… once you have one, it’s hard to not run without it!

  6. Being a Boston boy I am into the Red Sox (and Celts & Pats and Bruins) of course, which has had ups and downs through the decades since I took in my first games at Fenway … we got to take our boys the first year they won the Series, which was great!

    For 23 years I never used a watch, now I always have a GPS device … but this winter I stopped worrying so much when I ran one of my ‘standard routes’ – it was just too cold! I still wear it when I do a long weekend run, but haven’t been stressing mid-week … which is a change for me! 🙂

  7. Yay for finding a wedding dress!! I remember when I first tried mine on. When you find ‘the one’ you just know! I get to see my family usually every other month. My mom was here this past weekend too and it was great to have her around. I feel naked without my watch. :/

  8. Congrats on finding your wedding dress! I am learning to run with a watch and not watch it all the time. Although, I do not wear it all the time, unless I am doing a workout or participating in an exercise challenge. As for family, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them, even though we are far apart, which makes visiting tough.

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