Apparently Milano’s Make Me Drool…


Alright, good great news today! I do not have shin splints, or any shin pain for that matter. My body has a fantastic way of compensating in opposing areas when i’m tight. I used Trigger Point tools at work to roll out my calves, which I found had giant, painful knots in each leg. After the myofascial compression massages for the ol’ calves, i decided to move my long run up to test out the shins. I took the run much slower than normal to be safe and to pay attention to any pain. I was thanking the running gods that my shins felt fine the entire time! And what did I do after a 12 mile run? I watched track and field while icing my legs. I really just can’t get enough!


To test the shins one step further, I had a tempo run on Saturday, which also turned out well! I think the issue right now is making sure i’m using the foam roller and compression tools every. single. day. Not just when i’m sore or after a long run. I had no idea i had knots in my calves until I started rolling them out so imagine what else is tight that I don’t notice! I also checked mileage on the shoes I run in most often, the Saucony Shadow Genesis–and they’re almost at 300 miles. My shoes are always light weight, cushioned and last to about 300-325 miles. Which also might be why i’m a little sore. I guess i’ll need a new pair soon…oh no! :)!!


two of my beloved pairs that are on their way to Retirement

Random: I bought a Brooks Versatile bra last summer and just purchased a 2nd. I really, really like them. They don’t chafe, they smash me down in a comfortable way–sorry, i don’t like bouncing boobies. And they’re not very expensive. I believe they’re $34? I got this one on sale for $22.


Both weekend runs were done in the rain. I didn’t mind :). I threw a baseball cap on and enjoyed the puddles, and moisture in the air. It’s so much better than snow (it’s snowing again right now btw.. don’t know when spring will actually man up and get rid of winter). This got me thinking about my favorite weather to run in. Fave is probably cloudy and between 60-70 degrees. Least favorite is crazy cold wind. Not breezy weather either, I like that. I’m talking cold, 10-20mph, will push you backward, mean, head wind.

Oh, and I had Milano cookies and I literally drooled. I ran, grabbed my camera and couldn’t stop laughing.


I can’t believe how much shorter my hair looks when it’s curly!

Workout Summary!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.2m easy 8:25/pace, 10 min hips, 10 min abs

Wednesday: 30min TRX shoulders/backs, 8 unassisted dips (first time ever doing a full set!), 15min abs

Thursday: 12m long, easy 8:48/pace, deadlifts + bicep curls w/40lb barbell for both.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7.5m tempo run 7:54/pace (8:11, 7:57, 7:57, 7:48, 7:30, 7:21, cool down at 8:30/pace)

Sunday: 6m easy 8:33/pace

Total Mileage: 30.7

Do you have a food you drool over? Literally or hypothetically or embarrassingly like me?

Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “Apparently Milano’s Make Me Drool…

  1. Ha! I have been caught drooling (literally) over food before…usually dessert:) Glad you found those tight knots in your calves and are working them out! I am still trying to figure out how often to switch out my shoes. I wear the Brooks pureflow and pure cadence..and usually switch them out around 350-400 miles but I always wonder if I can get more out of them. I don’t usually notice them wearing down but also don’t want to realize they are worn down when its too late!

  2. Definitely desserts that do it for me. Actually, now I’m kinda thinking I need a pie from the mom and pop shop near my house and it’s got me starting 😉

  3. GAME OF THRONES! Henri and I love that show and we even downloaded the books on tape for our roadtrip this week! We are currently on book two – SO GOOD!

  4. I was in Wholefoods earlier today and their dessert case was amazing! But pricey – I guess m stingy ways can be helpful sometimes! Glad you are feeling better! And love Game of Thrones. Currently on book 5!

  5. I am not really a physical drooler, but my wife and younger son are … but I definitely have a ‘virtual drool’ over many things. Could be a nice baked sweet potato, big bowl of ice cream, steak, pears (oh how I’m loving pears lately), or like this morning when I needed to stop at the store for an ingredient for dinner and wandered through the ‘health food area’ and came across some roasted edamame … had to have it right then!

    And I love the drink / DVD / PS3 games, Garmin charger, iOS 30-pin charger picture … such great randomness … 🙂

    As I said before on my blog, I struggle this point in winter/spring – I actually do better when I run in -20F! Today will be >60 out, but it was barely 20 this morning and with a cold wind that was a pain … I guess it makes me wish I could be outside when it is going to be nice!

  6. I’m so glad about your shins! That’s great news! Hooray for pain free runs and especially runs in the rain and not snow. I didn’t mind it at all this past weekend either.
    And I think I’ve drooled a couple times in the past. Mostly all frozen yogurt related. 🙂

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