I’m Breaking Up With You.



Friend posted this today and I laughed, had to repost! Thanks Elise 🙂

Dear Winter,

It’s not me, it’s you. I’m over your cold exterior and how you never like me to run outside. I’m just not happy anymore. You’re depressing and dark, which is good from time to time, if you’re into that kinda thing, but i need someone warmer and happier. I want to be kissed with warm sun rays and and spend long days outside grilling. I want someone who isn’t jealous when i want to run in less clothing. Our relationship just isn’t healthy anymore and you’ve been wearing a lot of grey, what’s up with that? It’s not cool that you’re stalking me either. I leave the apartment, there you are. I’m at work and I can see your breath on the windows. I think you need to find someone who enjoys your company, like polar bears or Santa Claus. Sure, i’ll miss you, in July, probably. I’ll miss your cold breath and having to wear mittens to hold your hand, but c’mon, what kind of relationship is that?

PS. i’m pretty sure I’m allergic to you.

Yours once a year,



Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.2m easy 8:25/pace, 10 min hips, 10 min abs

I know i’m not the only one in the midwest/east coast that is just sick of this winter. All I have to say is we better have an amazing summer and beautiful fall this year to make up for all the treadmill punishment i’ve been dealing with.


not impressed winter. not impressed.

My shins have been a little sore lately. Nothing too alarming, they’re just letting me know they’re there. I’m icing my legs right now as we speak and i’ll be doing a ton of foam rolling and compressing to be sure it doesn’t get any worse. I haven’t had shin pain or shin splints for that matter in 4+ years…so i’m not sure if i’m being a baby or over cautious or what. Any tips or advice?

Rolling out this week

Rolling out this week

What’s the weather like near you?

If it’s warm, can I visit?? 🙂

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13 thoughts on “I’m Breaking Up With You.

  1. hahaha I love your letter to winter! I am in very south Georgia and it is cold today!! I think it was 33 when I left for work this morning. I was laying out in a bathing suit on Saturday, and now I have on like 5 layers! 😦

  2. Yep, I was inside again today. So done with it. I just hope summer doesn’t overcompensate and give us 100+ for all of July and August. And I ❤ your venue 🙂 p.s. emailed you if you haven't checked.

  3. I love that cartoon. We were 70F yesterday and a little rain/snow mix today. Oh well……..

    Your wedding venue looks awesome!

  4. I hope your shins heal quickly! My best advice for icing shins is to freeze water in little paper cups and use those to massage/ice the area where your shins hurt. So much more effective than just siting there with an ice pack on

  5. Yes, totally with you on this! Already had THREE sub-10F days this week (and given it is 15 as I type this at 9:45PM I think we’re headed for #4). Ugh … I know we have a warm-up coming, but it is already delayed a day … and can’t get here soon enough. Late March and I’m celebrating the first week without a sub-zero morning?

    On the upside, no treadmill for me. Downside? BRRR! 🙂

    Love the MMM shots!

  6. I needed that cartoon right about now. I definitely laughed. Because it is exactly like that.
    I am a treadmiller when it gets cold too. Today was actually okay over here though. A little gloomy but in the 40’s so I got in 6 miles outside.

    Your venue is BEAUTIFUL and I’m so excited for you! Getting married is awesome. 🙂

  7. You’re going to hate me now, but you’ll be the one laughing later. I am NOT breaking up with winter because I haaaaaaate summer heat in Texas! It makes running well next to impossible (for me), even if you start at the crack of dawn. So I’m going to be on the treadmill when it’s over 100, and wishing for winter! Haha! SO exciting about the venue … you’re going to be a gorgeous bride!

    • haha yeah texas is opposite for sure. i can’t imagine trying to run in that extreme heat!

      and thanks! I can’t wait to be a bride, it’s gonna be fun wearing and shopping for something other than spandex haha

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