I Did Something Quite Unexpected


I baked. I cooked. And I ate– A LOT.

I think the dish that gave me the push to figure out some recipes was this blueberry belgian waffle i recently ordered. I also ordered a side of eggs and bacon, poured syrup on it and then ate The Entire Thing.  I just try and make a McGriddles but it’s so good at a diner. When the waitress came around i actually apologized for finishing. It was the “i’m sorry, i’m not sorry” apology. It’s awesome how much food a runner can put down. I shouldn’t have apologized, I should have asked where my gold star was.

waffle eggs

I took 4 days off running after the half marathon and the full marathon is 40 days out so I’m rolling right into training. Basically i’ll be hungry all the time and this is a great excuse for me to attempt some cooking/baking ideas for protein packed, nutrient dense snacks. I’m always seeing amazing recipe ideas and spend a LOT of time looking at recipes, but I never try them.

This might become a long tasteless journey, like my lemon, strawberry muffins I attempted. But it’s exciting to focus my energy on making something with my own hands. Plus I was compressing in my McDavid tights, so you know, the muffin making wasn’t a total waste of time. I got the muffins to rise and that’s half the battle!!


I did 3 miles on Saturday and completed a 9 miler on Sunday. Crazy how just a couple months ago running 9-10 miles was so mentally tough, and now that’s considered a “shorter” run. It went by quickly & easily & I’m actually excited for the 15 miler I have in 2 weeks!

attempting a full body shot, didn't work, but you can see how messy my apt is! Score!

attempting a full body shot, didn’t work, but you can see how messy the apt is! Score!

One of my favorite food sites to stare at pictures and recipes is Clean Simple Foodie. This chick has some fantastic flavor combinations that gives clean eating a bold taste.  I gave the Thai pizza a go and it was a major success!


fresh toppings!

And the finished product…


I’m happy with the few accomplishments from the weekend, and they aren’t even running related! Crazy I know. I’m working toward that new year’s goals list I created in January.

Workout Recap!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 25 min Kettle Bell workout, 10 abs

Wednesday: 4.7m easy, easy easy! (First run after the race) 9:00/pace, 30 min abs/core, pushups

Thursday: 30 min chest/triceps and handstands–>first time i’ve done this in a while and yes the shoulders felt it! Hoping these will help with the yoga goals i set for myself.

Friday: 6m fartlek 8:08/pace, 20 min biceps, 10 min abs

Saturday: 3m easy walk/run.

Sunday: 9m easy/long 8:37/pace

Total miles: 22.7

Are you still on track with accomplishing your NYRs & goals?

Do you have a good recipe for a protein snack?  Favorite store bought protein snack? 

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18 thoughts on “I Did Something Quite Unexpected

  1. I have that shirt! And I wore it yesterday. 🙂 I was just talking to family at lunch yesterday about runners and food. It was my father in law’s birthday lunch and I scarfed down a crabcake that would have taken up the whole palm of my hand if I had picked it up like that.

    Sounds like a great week of workouts! I am somewhat on track with my NYR goals, but I don’t know about my mileage goal for the year anymore since I’ve been injured. My favorite snack right now is berry and greek yogurt smoothies because my dad got me a new smoothie maker for my birthday. Smoothies every day!

    • Yeah mileage goals are kinda strange. If you’re injured or take a vacation it can really throw you off. Eye on the prize is being able to run pain free and hit your race goals! I really liked the Baltimore Running Fest and the shirt! I don’t think i’ll do the RnR USA 1/2 again, just because i liked Baltimore race so much more.

  2. Ok sign me up for that tuna…I love raw/lightly seared tuna. Which reminds me I need sushi stat. That pizza looks amazing though and I’m totally trying it next time I make homemade dough. My goals are progressing well I think but I need to actually execute on race day, which for whatever reason is unlucky for me like 50% of the time…as in freak injuries walking through airports the day before, gel on the course with apple extract in it that causes an allergic reaction, etc. I’m like laser-focused on actually demonstrating my potential on race day for once and then I can cross off a few of those goals of mine I made in January.

    • hahah I’m totally trying to win you over with my pizza skills. and raw tuna is soooo good!! which is probably why i like sushi too. Maybe sushi/ sake date instead of beer/burgers ??

      I had no idea you struggle with race days. Those injuries sound crazy!! I’m in the same boat though with really putting my all into a race. I always feel like i give about 85%. especially over the last year because I was injured so i’m being overprotective with my hip, but i think i gotta push it now and see what happens since i’ve been pain-free for over 8 months

  3. Great looking job on the cooking! I think it is great when you have Cameron cooking regularly to do some fun cooking as well! Great week of runs as always!

  4. Your Thai pizza looks delicious!

  5. That waffle sandwich looks AMAZING!! During these past few weeks of training I have been able to down quite a few impressively sized meals! Haha. There are some New Years goals that I am currently CRUSHING and others that I have barely even started on… I guess I have 9 more months to get on that!! 🙂

    • The waffle sandwich is one i started making when i couldnt decide what to order at our favorite breakfast place over the last year. Salty sweet!! When u posted a pic of the waffle sandwich a few weeks ago i knew another was in my future lol. And I have all these goals, I haven’t forgotten them I just need to remind myself they were important!

  6. One of my resolutions was to try a new recipe once a month. I tried like 7 new recipes in January, and 1 in February, but none so far in March. I guess I should get on top of that! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Yum! That tuna looks so good. I’m trying to vary my meals and try something new once a week. And you’re right you never need to apologize for having a runner’s appetite.

    I was just talking to my boyfriend today about how 10 miles is a super exhausting long run for me but a normal midweek run for him. I’m hoping that I’ll feel that way soon!

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