World’s Worst Sinuses & the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Expo


Tuesday: 5.5m moderate 7:19/pace

Wednesday: 3.4m easy 9:11/pace

Thursday: 2m easy 9:05/pace, 10 abs

Well, i’m not sick, just suffering from severe sinus and allergies. I had a strange allergic reaction to generic brand sinus meds…yes that’s what i said, allergic reaction to allergy medicine. What is wrong with me!? My eyelids were super red, raw and burning for two days. I didn’t take a picture of it (you’re welcome) but I did take one of me and my glamorous life with chilled chamomile tea bags de-puffing my lids.


Monday’s allergy fiasco!

I made a quick stop at Target and bought out their allergy section. I hate taking medicine. Besides the fact that my eyelids have gone back to normal, thank you Benadryl, i’m feeling much better in the sinus department. Still super congested without meds, but I’ll deal with that after the race!


I did a training run Tuesday that gave me a huge boost of confidence while running with sinus congestion. It was scheduled as 2 easy miles, 1 moderate, 2 at goal race pace. I tried not to push it, in case my energy wasn’t there, and also I don’t want to be sore heading into a race.

8:07, 7:29, 6:28, 7:17, 7:13.

I don’t know what the heck happened, but I acquired a new mile PR with 6:28. As soon as the Garmin flashed that mile split, I slowed down. Even though I was feeling fine, i knew that is no where close to my actual race pace. I was happy with the last two splits which were closer to where I’m attempting to hang at tomorrow. Gonna have to keep telling myself not to go out too fast!

Yesterday I headed to the Expo at the DC Armory. If you can, always head to the expos on the first day, that way everyone working the booths are well stocked, happy and energetic :). I didn’t do a ton of sampling, but I did stop at the Gold’s Gym tent and got to talk with a few girls from our marketing department. It’s always fun to put a face to a name!


Of course I had to stop at the Nuun station. If you ever want to stock up, usually they have a good deal at Expos, $5 per tube, buy 2 tubes and get a water bottle free!


I only got 2 tubes from the expo because I just got a shipment of new Nuun Energy– caffeine flavors! Lemon-line, Cherry Limeade & Wild Berry!


The last tent I stopped at was McDavid Compression. I told them i had JUST heard of them days before the expo because i’ve been in search for full compression tights. We all ended up chatting for almost half an hour about compression, marathoning, crossfit, personal training…and they were kind enough to give me a pair to try & report on!


Jeff, Me & Marcie, totally not prepared to take a picture–we were still talking through the photo op!

I’m literally wearing them right now in hopes my legs feel super fresh tomorrow morning. I’ll do a full review on them next week. I’m also planning on wearing them after the race all afternoon to speed recovery so i can jump right into marathon training!


Suffering from sinuses, but i’m gonna fake it till i race!

Anyone racing this weekend? 

Favorite Pre-race Meal??

I’m going to have pasta (plain ol’ white) with spinach, mushrooms and a few chicken meatballs 

Author: She's Going the Distance


7 thoughts on “World’s Worst Sinuses & the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Expo

  1. I hope your sinuses feel better. It looks like you are in perfect form for this race. Good luck! And I’m pretty interested to hear about your compression tights. I’ve just started wearing compression gear and I love it.

  2. Ugh – that really is lousy! I had heard about people wiht allergies to certain allergy meds, and now have a friend who has to be very careful because of the ‘fillers’ they put in!

    Between my ‘allergic to everything’ wife who has also had sinus surgery and is doing food allergy testing (think I mentioned that) and goes for more allergy tests next week … and my younger son who did a few years of allergy shots and still does a daily Allegra and occasional Benadryl … we definitely know allergies in my house 🙂

    Amazing mile split … you are really killing it!

    Good luck this weekend – I’m sure you’ll do great!

    As for me – as I have joked my ‘racing’ will be getting in my runs in between shuttling the kids from one thing to the other – they are each taking an AP History class, and the ‘National History Day’ competition is tomorrow morning, and they are also both in marching band and the St Patty’s parade is in the early afternoon … so it will be a challenge!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I actually decided I will also be running Rock n Roll USA as a training run! You will be running much faster than me, but maybe I’ll see you around!

  4. Good luck tomorrow. Feel better!

  5. Good luck!!! I have the cookies ready 😉 feel better and crush it!

  6. YIKES on your reaction!!! You’re probably running right now – or done – and I can’t wait to hear about it! I know you CRUSHED it!!! (6:28 … dang!!!)

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