Lotsa Randoms


Tuesday: 5m easy 8:35/pace, 15min shoulders

Wednesday: 6.1m treadmill hills (pace ranged from 8:30-7:41), 30 min core

Hey Thursday peeps! Don’t know how you’re feeling, but i need the weekend to get here. It’s supposed to be 50 degrees so i’m looking forward to an easy, long run OUTSIDE. And I’m officially boycotting winter. (don’t worry i do this every year, just let me continue with my rant) I don’t care if it snows again or the skies turn grey until June!! I’m putting away my winter clothes and coat and pulling out the summer shorts! I’m sure that seeing summery clothes hanging in the closet will make me happy. 🙂

A few other things that are cheering up the winter blues…

NUUN has a Facebook giveaway going. Prizes: (1) – Entry paid in full for a Hood to Coast team in 2014, plus a team hydration kit from Nuun Hydration.  Enter by Monday and cross your fingers! I’m definitely going to run a relay sometime in the future!


I finally bought a Blender Bottle, so expect some fun smoothie/protein recipes in the near future. This purple bottle is definitely going to help me take in extra calories at the gym and will come in handy for post run recovery during marathon training.


I love purple!

Yesterday I got a really fun surprise in the mail.  An autographed Shalane Flanagan card! She sent one because I donated a small amount to her One Fund Boston fundraising page.  I can’t wait to watch her race this upcoming Boston Marathon!


The End.

Anyone else out there get cabin fever/spring cleaner fever as badly as me? 

Favorite season?

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10 thoughts on “Lotsa Randoms

  1. I love Shalane Flanagan! That is so sweet of her to send signed cards to everyone that donated to the One Fund! I am so excited to be running the same marathon with her!!

  2. That chair picture is freaking fantastic! Fall is my favorite season but I will appreciate spring/summer a million times more this year. Love the Shalane autograph 🙂

  3. I’m already on a team for Hood to Coast otherwise I would be all over that competition. It’s my first relay and I’m beyond excited. I love Portland and the Oregon Coast. Plus no sleep for 24 hours in a van with a bunch of stinky runners – sounds perfect.

  4. Love the chair pic – TBT is a state of mind, so whatever you decide qualifies will work 😉 We have taken a couple at a place outside of Watkins Glen where we have gone apple picking a couple of times (and yes, even though she is terribly allergic, Lisa loves apple picking … she just doesn’t touch anything)

    I had yet another ‘red eye selfie’ after the -6 temps (not counting wind chill) this morning. I love spring and fall the best … hard to choose. So over winter now!

  5. Ohhh jealous of your Shalane autograph! Since you’re practically BFFs with her and Kara (fb comment) now maybe you could get them to be on our Ragnar team? That would be cool… just sayin.

  6. Take me to the relay with you!!! I’ve always wanted to do one but my friends and husband think I’m insane 🙂

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