WARNING: Do Not Read This Post on an Empty Stomach!


I’ve covered a lot of ground in the 7 months since this blog started, but one thing I kinda failed to talk about is the food I eat. There’s a few reasons behind this and yeah i’m gonna share them with you. Sit tight, this is a long one and enjoy a day in the life of my belly!

1) I am a creature of habit and eat very similar things each day. To me this seems boring and not blog worthy. But I’m coming to realize it’s one of the reasons I can keep my weight in check and might be helpful to some of you.

2) I’m not the biggest fan of reading a blog that only shows recipes and amazing looking food. It’s probably just a me thing, but when i see delicious food it makes me hungry and jealous all at once.

3) I don’t cook often enough. I used to joke that I would learn when I have kids because it takes up a lot of time and energy that I don’t have because of running.

9:00AM- Breakfast: If you haven’t heard, it’s the most important meal of the day. If you’re skipping breakfast you’re slowing your metabolism down, storing fat and are crazy because breakfast is delicious! (and it’s the only meal I can cook to perfection btw).

I start my mornings with 2 eggs (yolks included, they contain the majority of nutrients in the egg), spinach/kale/mushrooms or whatever vegetables can be thrown into eggs, a piece of whole grain toast, sometimes bacon or turkey bacon & coffee. I also chug a tall glass of water and take my vitamins.


Lunch: I run about an hour after breakfast (to digest) and once I get back to the apartment and shower it’s close to lunch time. I try and eat close to the time I leave for work because I generally have 4-7 hours without a long break for food. I try to keep lunch simple and grab leftovers, throw it on a salad, or have a quick bowl of cereal with a banana or a protein shake. (Also, I’m trying to find a better protein powder source because EAS is whey based and i’m beginning to realize i’m slightly lactose intolerant..any suggestions for an organic, dairy free, good tasting powder would be excellent!)


Afternoon Snack: Clif Bar, Luna Bar, PowerBar<—some sort of protein bar with at least 10g protein, a piece of fruit, or a type of nut and lots of water. If I find my energy waning it’s almost always due to dehydration. I’ve been really good about having water on me at all times.


I create my own trail mix with whatever nut and seeds are on sale that week. And i’ll throw in dried cranberries or dark chocolate chips for the salty sweet combo. It is much less expensive to create your own mixes. You get exactly what you want and you don’t have all the added sugar trail mixes are generally covered in!


dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds and peanuts

Dinner:  I work until about 8PM and we eat late at night, because of that I try to create make healthy meals that include protein and a lot of vegetables… .


cod w/ grapefruit pico de gallo, red pepper & onion on a bed of fresh greens


Garlic crusted chicken thigh, homemade garlic mashed potatoes with a red wine balsamic glaze over a bed of fresh greens


Teriyaki beef with zucchini

After Dinner Sweet Treat: If you guys follow the blog, you know I have a massive sweet tooth. I love chocolate and I keep dark chocolate in the house at all times. Sometimes it’s a couple cookies, sometimes it’s candy like Sour Patch Kids or craisins, and on occasion it’s ice cream or sorbet. Chocolate’s my thing and I need a little each day.

Alcohol: I save my ‘drinking days’ for Friday or Saturday and I’ll have 2-3 glasses of wine or beer. Any more and I’m sick the next day. I talk about beer a lot on the blog and I LOVE my draaanks, but in all honesty If i drank alcohol every weekend all weekend I couldn’t do what I do for a living or love what I do with running. I treat booze like I treat my long runs, once a week at an easy moderate pace 😉

beer tasting @ Revolution Chicago

beer tasting @ Revolution Chicago

Here are the rules I follow daily to keep my waistline a waistline, to not starve myself or feel deprived.

The 80/20 Rule. I eat 80% as healthy as possible & 20% of the day is a little less healthy. My 20% consists of sugar (real sugar) in my coffee, a few Starbucks a week and my nighttime snack.

Hydrate. I was NOT drinking enough water until recently and now I make a large effort to drink half my body weight in ounces each day, more if I’m running/lifting/sweating.

Volumetrics. For those of you who eat but are constantly battling hunger pangs. I read this article–> Eat More, Weight Less on Runner’s World a few years ago that changed my way of thinking/cooking/eating. Adding bulk to meals using vegetables and fruit without adding a ton of extra calories and fat can be the difference in losing additional weight, staying full and getting in your daily recommended servings of produce.

Eat Whole Foods. If you eat real foods: produce, meat, eggs, etc you won’t have much to worry about when it comes to calories/fat or weight gain. It’s the junk in between the aisles at the grocery store that are stuffed full of sugar, salt, preservatives, chemicals, unpronounceable words and nutrition-less foods.

I’m not going to preach about clean eating here because I obviously eat packaged stuff, but the majority of my day is not spent eating from a box. If you eat real, whole foods that are nutrient dense, it will help you will stay full longer and lose weight or maintain weight the healthy way. Here’s a glance in my shopping cart so you can see what’s in the fridge during the week.


One treat a day. Whatever you do, whatever meal plan, diet, low-carb, cave man, gluten-free, no sugar or dairy cows yada yada you follow, DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF. Deprivation will set you up to binge on whatever just went “off limits.” Try to keep your treat small, in the 100-200 calorie range, and enjoy it! If you ate well all day, (80/20 rule!) a small treat will not ruin your hard work. Just don’t let the “small treat” turn into a pint of ice cream. Sometimes big calories come in small packages.

We’re having yet again, another snow day. What’s your go-to workout when you can’t get outside or to the gym? (And you SoCal’ers just stay out of this, i don’t want to hear about the rain or mud. haha.)

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15 thoughts on “WARNING: Do Not Read This Post on an Empty Stomach!

  1. That’s awesome that Cameron is such a good cook! It must be really helpful to have someone getting dinner ready since you get home from work kind of late.
    I am so sick of the snow! I did some easy yoga today and turned it into a rest day from running, but now Im worried that the streets/sidewalks are gonna be covered in ice for the rest of the week.

  2. Um, go Cameron…those dinners all look delicious! The only dairy free protein I’ve tried is Vega One which is vegan and also has several servings of greens in each serving. The vanilla chai was yummy but that’s the only flavor I’ve had. My go-to when I can’t make it to the gym or outside is a high intensity dvd like insanity or p90x or something but I really want my own treadmill so that I can still get my runs in during crap weather.

  3. I’ve been staying away from dairy lately (or trying to), and I feel a lot better. I like the Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder, and it’s vegan (http://www.sunwarrior.com/product-info). I just ran out, and really need to go buy some more! Great post, we have similar eating habits 🙂

  4. haha, I’m one of those Southern Californians. BUT when I am back home in New England I’m lucky enough that my parents have a treadmill so that I can get in my normal run (even though its much more boring) even when it is really snowy outside!

  5. Not sure if you’ve seen on my blog/ instagram, but we’re doing a paleo thing for my wife to try to get at sources of her allergies … and that is extra challenging because she already has some significant food allergies. Both Lisa and I are very good cooks, and our younger son has more natural talent as a chef than both of us combined. So we do OK for meals 🙂

    As for running outside … I have had one day so far that kept me in – super icy. I do get out in sub-zero temps even below -20F … and that has been WAY too many days this year (which was my topic today)! So ready for spring!

    Question – bacon, how do you feel with all of the nasty crap in there? For the paleo diet we got un-smoked bacon (basically thin pork strips) … and I think it will be hard going back.

  6. Crap – I was having browser problems at work and copied & pasted my comment as text – and lost half of it! Ugh!

    First off – it is awesome that Cameron is a great cook. I totally don’t buy into any sort of ‘gender roles’, so if he loves to cook and you don’t care – that works for everyone! Also, the pics look great – ALL of them 🙂

    • I got both the comments! I know a few people on Paleo diet, is your wife finding out what her allergies are?? Bacon–it’s terrible and sitting in nitrates and sodium and fat and and well, it’s delicious and i have it every now and then. I should probably eat less of it !

      • haha on the bacon – so true. We tried ‘turkey bacon’ and figured if we are pumping those nitrous-amines in our body we might as well have the good stuff 😉 We have found some ‘minimally processed’ stuff that is better, but still …

        As for Lisa, we already know she is allergic to apples (one of our early dates was a mountain hike and I made a fruit salad … with about 50% apples! at that point she could ‘eat around’ the apples, but now it would kill her), and pretty much insensitive or allergic to tree fruits (pears, peaches, etc), In recent years her tree-nut allergy has gone rampant (including peanuts), and she has issues with curry, avocado, coconuts, and a bunch of other stuff …

        On this plan we are looking largely at dividing the universe of gluten, dairy, and soy. There definitely seems to be some gluten components, but also some dairy … we will start re-introducing things next week.

      • wow that’s a lot of food to have allergies to. Paleo does sound like the safest way for her to eat for sure. It’s got to be quite the adventure trying different combinations for her intake!

  7. OK, I said I wouldn’t comment, but have to recommend Vega Vanilla Chia flavor! I love it! And I couldn’t possibly agree more with the Volumetrics approach … in fact, my first thought at your top dinner was “wow, that would never fill me up!” despite not even knowing what it was completely. I eat tons of volume! Everything looks delicious!

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