A Very Important Thing


Me and Cameron’s relationship is now as old as a Kindergartener. Six years old baby! We celebrated Saturday night at Tower Oaks restaurant. I took a lot of recommendations from our waiter and told him not to hold back cause i was trying to gain 10 lbs that night. I think i impressed him with my eating skills. I didn’t tell him i’m a runner and have a sarlacc pit for a stomach. <—You’re slowly going to learn what a geek i am especially when it comes to Star Wars or Harry Potter. I apologize in advance if you don’t get the references, but I will not apologize for loving it.

Anywho, our night our started with me putting on some real people clothes. Even if that was just a white t-shirt and black skinny pants. I keep thinking one day i’ll learn how to wear dresses and heels, but i’m gonna call it and say it’s just not going to happen. I already decided on wearing flat shoes for my wedding day.



Back to our meal! We started with bread, wine and a cheese plate (I asked for the stinkiest cheeses) and butternut squash rangoon with pomegranate sauce. The lighting in there was not so great for pics, but the food was outstanding and we had a blast in the lodge atmosphere.



We both stuck with seafood for dinner, Parmesan Trout & crab cake. Everything was spectacular! Super decadent and we indulged completely. I usually try to lead a good example and eat healthier out at restaurants since we all know that everything eaten out is a lot more fattening and calorie laden, but it has been a tradition for our Anniversary to really eat and drink and indulge. This is our Thanksgiving. And I ended the night with dark chocolate mousse, while starting at a moose head on the wall.

mouse head over cameron's shoulder

moose head over cameron’s shoulder

and my mousse

and my mousse.

Last one, cause I liked the room we sat in so much–again, don’t mind my scary killer face, the lighting was just not suited for photos.


I’ll recap my 5K from the weekend tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday:ย 5.5m easy 8:35/pace, 20 min TRX triceps/upper back, 10 min abs

Tuesday:ย 7m speed pyramid workout, 15 min glutes, 15 min abs

Wednesday: 20 min Chest/Biceps, 10 min abs

Thursday: 5.5m easy 8:25/pace, 1500 meter row machine

Friday: REST

Saturday: 1 mile warm up, 5K race, 1.5m cool down

Sunday: 7.4m easy 8:30/pace

Total Miles: 30.9ย 

Anniversary Traditions??

Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “A Very Important Thing

  1. That food looks awesome!! happy anniversary to you and Cameron ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t have any traditions though we may start one of eating at a french restaurant on our wedding anniversary every year since we’ve done it both years now. We celebrate our dating anniversary but with no one thing in particular, probably because I’m always trying to go new places.

  2. Happy anniversary! Jeremy and I like to go out to a fancy dinner for our anniversary too… this year will be different because we’ve always just celebrated our dating anniversary (six years in April), but in June it will be one year since our wedding, so that will probably be more of a celebration! ps I very much support your decision to wear flats for the wedding; I did the same thing. I never wear heels, but I can’t imagine having to wear them all day and night.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Cameron – love the pics and it all just warms my heart! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you’re right – this IS a very important thing!

    As for traditions, our wedding anniversary is already past the drinking age, our engagement should be out and employed, and our dating … well, probably old enough to have babies by now! ๐Ÿ™‚ So we have had traditions through the years in terms of places we’ve gone a couple of years, meals we’ve cooked together, stuff we’ve done when the kids were little, getting a sitter a couple of times … but ultimately there are a few things:
    – We look through our wedding/engagement albums and watch the video (that we converted to DVD a few years back).
    – We don’t spend any money on each other unless it is done together (we got her a wonderful diamond and sapphire custom design ring for our 20th)
    – We make it all about each other and about US as a couple.

    Oh yeah, our most recent tradition? For the past two years our younger son the chef has cooked us a multi-course dinner at home that our older son serves to us. First time was outdoors but last year rained so we got the formal dining room.

    Like I said – it is a very important thing. So glad you guys had a great day!

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