Getting faster!


Thursday: 6.4m moderate 7:21/pace, (7:55, 7:36, 7:37, 7:15, 6:56, 6:47)

Friday: Rest

Well that was new. It was the first time I’ve ever run a sub-7 pace during a run, not just intervals or a track session–an actual run! I haven’t been this excited about running in a long time.

I was worried heading into this year with my new goals that i was plateauing and I couldn’t get a whole lot faster or better at running. But having a coach and seeing some amazing #’s beep out of the trusty Garmin is making me feel like I’m just getting started. I don’t ever want to doubt that I can or can’t do any better than where I’m at.

Ok now that the cheese fest is over, I’m heading to Chicago 🙂


The place got a rare treat and flew past downtown Chicago and over lake Michigan (which was mostly frozen). Since 9/11 they haven’t allowed planes to fly so close to the city. The clear day made it pretty cool for pictures.

A very cold Lake Michigan & Indiana to the right

A very cold Lake Michigan & Indiana to the right

To sum up my first night in Chi-Town: I’ve already indulged in pizza, hot dogs, and 3 Floyds (my favorite craft beer)



What are your tips for working out while on vacation!?

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “Getting faster!

  1. Great picture! Wedding in Chicago sounds awesome, good luck with the venue hunt 🙂 Take pictures of the pizza porn for me 😉

  2. Wow – super-fast run!

    I was wondering about the Instagram picture! Good luck with the venue hunt – it can be fun, well … we had fun doing it anyway. The important thing is to have fun and not stress too much. There is no such thing as perfect …

    It is funny about food pics – we’ve had the same thing “oh, I meant to take a picture … nom, nom … oh well”. 🙂

    As for PS, works as well as anything – I tend to do ‘Oh, and …’. Same diff.

    Enjoy the trip!

  3. I’ve never been to Chicago, but it’s looks so great! Have fun!

  4. I love Chicago, and I can’t wait to hear what “the place” is for you guys!! Good luck!!!!! I am continuously amazed by your pace improvements. You are ROCKING this!!!

    • We may have found the place, but we’re waiting to hear about available dates.. cross your fingers! And thanks–i can’t believe how my pace is improving. It’s a good training schedule and coach and a lot of motivation!

      • Here’s hoping the venue and dates all come together! Nothing like visualizing your wedding in a space … well, other than seeing it actually happening! 🙂

        Love Chicago as well, haven’t been there in years …

  5. Love the pics of Chicago (one of my favorite cities) but damn it looks cold there! My favorite way to work out on vacation is to play (find whatever recreational activities are available) or just walk to explore. I let my guard down a bit since I don’t travel as much as I’d like.

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