Do Hamsters Even Like the Hamster Wheel?


Even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating, I fit in all my workouts on the treadmill. Except for one 3-miler. I set out for 10 miles and then set foot onto ice and snow. The trails near our house (and when I say “trails” they are asphalt bike paths) were not plowed, salted or anything. I made a decision on the fly to try and do a couple miles, just to be outside in the fresh air. My ankle wasn’t liking the uneven, slippery surface but the trek was worth it when i saw a guy on cross country skis. <—that’s when i decided it was okay for me to call it a day.


Loved all the colors I was wearing

I really hope it warms up. I don’t like running in place, starting at my sweaty self in the mirror. A trainer joked that running a treadmill is like logging “space miles” since you don’t cover any real distance. I even had people on Facebook give me tips on killing time during treadmill runs. Most of which were the norm– watch tv, a movie, sports etc. I got kinda lucky and watched the Aussie Open match with Nadal & Wawrinka. I forgot how much I used to think Ben Flajnik looks like a cheapened version of Nadal 🙂 haha. Oh yeah, i watch the Bachelor & Bachelorette. It’s one of the many guilty pleasures I have. Whoops.

At the gym on Sunday, I finally completed my 10 mile long run. For the first time I tried Shot Bloks & PowerGel. The Shot Bloks were a little too sweet for me, and I don’t like chewing while I run. The PowerGel was totally different than anything I tried, and I liked them. The consistency is more liquid-like and went down quick and easy. I normally use GU which is thicker and sometimes hard to get down. (Please don’t say “that’s what she said” I realize i walked into it haha).


Weekly Summary (all runs on the treadmill except Saturday)

Monday: 4.5m easy 8:43/pace, 40 min TRX back & triceps, 10 min abs

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 mile progressive run 2 X 8:00/pace, 2 X 7:30, 2 X 7:15

Thursday: 45 min chest/biceps/low back, 30 min abs

Friday: 4.5m fartlek 8:27/pace

Saturday: 3.4m easy 10:28/pace (in the snow, so very slow and careful running)

Sunday: 10.2m long 8:09/pace

When is your next race scheduled for ?

March 15th USA 1/2!

 Long runs on the treadmill? What keeps you busy?


Author: She's Going the Distance


4 thoughts on “Do Hamsters Even Like the Hamster Wheel?

  1. They didn’t even put my gym’s treadmills across from the mirrors, they stuck them directly under the tvs (which means you can’t watch) and 6 inches from a big white wall. I literally stare at a dot on a white wall when I treadmill run. Needless to say, my mental toughness is vastly improving…

  2. Funny stories! But smart in the case of ice. I have been pretty lucky – while I’ve dealt with plenty of sub-zero temps, only one ice-day so far where I got down the road and turned around and came home! Not worth the potential for injury!

    I am wait-listed for a 50-miler in July, haven’t signed up for my fall marathon yet, and am not sure what else I might or might not do …

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