Monday: 4.5 easy 8:43/pace, 40 min TRX back & triceps, 10 min abs

Monday’s run was weird. It took forever to get motivated enough to get out the door, I was tired, sore and so over it. Every once in a while a run just feels exhausting. My head wasn’t into it. At. All. I got much more excited by getting my head into a bowl of these…


Okay enough with the sugary cereals. It’s snowing like a mofo outside which means my clients and I aren’t driving out to the gym. It’s my first snow day in forever! I’m actually being productive too, cleaning the apartment & playing piano.


While cleaning i figured I’d share a few things about myself you may or may not know about.

1) I paint. I’ve been into art/drawing/painting since before Kindergarten. I got on a creative kick a few years ago, but haven’t painted in a while. I want to put aside some time in the future and get a few more in. Cameron’s a fan, it’s why they’re all over our apartment walls.


2) I moved. A lot. I grew up in Whiting, IN very close to Chicago (yeah i know it’s Indiana but we are the closest city to the border, look at a map. We were NOT in the cornfields people.) Then when I was 12 my parents got divorced and my mom moved my sister and I to Inverness, FL. From there we moved several times. (No, my mom wasn’t in the military or anything like that.) ย Black Mountain, NC, Ocala, FL and back to Inverness, FL. After I graduated high school I moved to Orlando, FL Then to Munster, IN and now i’m in DC. ย There you have it.


Florida, I was in high school when this was taken

3) I recorded music in Virginia and used to play at small coffee shop type venues. I play piano, sing and I own a guitar but don’t play it enough. Another goal for this year.. make more time to learn guitar!

Timothy Milligan Photography

Timothy Milligan Photography

Hope you guys feel like you know me a little better. In case you’d rather just follow along through pictures, check out my Instagram.

Are you getting snow?

Tell me something interesting about yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: She's Going the Distance


9 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!

  1. Love the sharing! I laughed at the cereal – I showed to my older son and he was super-psyched and thought we should get him some … though those boxes would last him about two breakfasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We didn’t get more than a dusting of snow, but it is currently -8 outside.

    As for me, while I play guitar, bass and keyboards at various levels, bass was my primary instrument. As a junior in high school I won ‘best rhythm player’ in the northeast regional high school jazz band competition in Toronto – meaning that amongst all rhythm players across a dozen states plus Ontario and Quebec (several hundred) I was voted by all the judges and school band leaders as outstanding player. The irony is that our band director didn’t want me to play because half the competition involved sight-reading, and I was (and am) rather weak at sight reading … it made for a rather conflicted moment as I was the only instrumental award winner from our school (our band grabbed ‘silver’), but our band director didn’t have the confidence in me and I ended up in the first sight-reading room by mistake because he forgot to exclude me.

    • oh wow, that’s a situation haha. Love that you play music though. I can’t read music at all, but i’d like to learn one of these days

      • I have to echo the sentiments about how cool your paintings are – you definitely have not just talent but a certain vision that communicates out … I have no drawing / painting talent at all ๐Ÿ™‚

        Music is a major force for me – I’m glad I went the physics & statistics route (you know that annoying person who does complex math in their head for fun … yeah, that’s me) but I never lost my love for playing. Actually was working on a review for a DVD course ‘Jam with Steely Dan’ from LickLibrary tonight. Fun stuff!

  2. Love this! And love your painting. I’m the least artistic person ever and it frustrates me. I got a C in art freshman year haha. I couldn’t do anything she asked ๐Ÿ˜ฆ something about me: I’m writing a novel for fun. I can’t work on it as much as I’d like with dissertation writing taking priority but it’s 2/3 done and aimed at teenagers because I know it’s unlikely to ever see the light of day so I’m just going to let my niece and nephews read it.

  3. First of all I have to say that your paintings are beautiful! One of my roommates senior year was an art major and it was so fun having her paintings all over our house that year – it made it feel so homey! Second – an interesting thing about me is that I LOVE chocolate but I really have never found a chocolate cereal that I’m crazy about. Weird I know, you’d think chocolate would taste good in any form but for me chocolate cereal is a no-no. haha

  4. I love this post, and never would have guessed that you were recording music when you met Cameron! What a funny story – hope we learn more about it eventually :). Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and warming up a bit!

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