I’m free!


Thursday: 5.4 easy 7:46/pace (7:58, 8:01, 7:52, 7:30, 7:27), 20 min abs

My run yesterday was amazing. It was warm enough to be outside (32 degrees & sunny!) and coming off a low mileage week i was getting EXTREMELY antsy to run. I paced my first mile around 8:00 and tried to maintain the 8:00 minute effort as best I could. It felt easy, comfortable and pain free. I was totally surprised by the final 7:30 paces, but I think the wind was at my back and pushed me for those last two miles haha.

Okay guys, I bought a new pair Nike Free’s. If you recall, I said I wasn’t going to buy shoes until I maxed out the mileage on a couple of my other pairs… but these aren’t running shoes, they’re just for the gym. So, you know. Loophole. 😉


I tried a leg workout on Wednesday and put a few of my clients through it and I’m still sore! This one will stay in our rotation for a while. The set starts with weighted split squat on elevated surfaces. This helps flex the quads more than you could normally on the ground. These burned out my legs!


Next were alternating walking lunges and then single leg dead lifts with a 30 lb bar.


I ended up doing 3 sets of these exercises, 10 per leg each set. The only thing pushing me to make my legs sore on days like this is knowing it will make be a better, stronger runner!

Matt was my photographer for the day, our pic is all fuzzy cause he was trying to figure out my phone and pushing me over making me look like a hunchback.


i wear that tank top like everyday.

I’m going into work soon and arms are next to be worked out and I’ll hop on the treadmill for a few miles in between clients. I’m always curious about runner’s cross training/ strength training routines.

What’s you favorite way to cross train? 

Favorite strength training exercises? Machines? Muscle groups?

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9 thoughts on “I’m free!

  1. To be honest I don’t do much other than run (yes I know I should!) … I do some bodyweight stuff, but really not as often as I should.

    Definitely enjoying warmer temperatures – glad you got out!

  2. I don’t do enough strength but I really like shoulder exercises and push-ups/assisted pull-ups. I can’t do a real pull-up… I really hate leg workouts, which is weird considering it’s where all my strength actually lies. I prefer the elliptical to other methods but biking and pool running translate better to running for me so I do those for st even though they’re not my favs.

  3. Sometimes I take body pump classes (I try to take them once a week). Other days I might put together my own simple strength training routine but I don’t feel like I get as good of a workout as when I take body pump. I also add core work including hips and glutes almost every day before or after my run. I can’t remember the last time I used an exercise machine!

  4. Favorite way to cross train: swim and bike, duh (; I also love a good hot yoga class every once in a while and strength train regularly. My favorite strength moves are single leg dead lifts, back squats, pikes and hamstring curls on the ball. I try to avoid machines unless I have to since they are usually not functional and really single out one muscle, I like full body movements!

    • agree 100%! machines are not something i do often or even encourage my clients to use. Also, more power to ya with the swimming and biking, can’t do it. i do love me some yoga and jacob’s ladder though!

  5. You are FAST!! Love it!! A majority of my cross-training has been quick bodyweight circuit workouts that I do in my hotel room, plus one day per week of easy elliptical and/ or spinning. But … now that hotels are no longer such a big part of my life (hallelujah!), I’m hoping to encourage myself to do real weight training more often! I bet I would be super sore after this leg workout … may convince myself to try it this week :).

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