Better Body Maintenance


Monday: 5.2m easy. 1@ 8:40 warm up mile then 4 @ 8:00/pace, .2 walking cool down, Lots of rolling & physical therapy on my anterior tibia.

After my visit to the Chiropractor, i spend time this weekend relaxing, stretching & cleaning the apartment. Nothing exciting, just tried to keep my mind off the whole, not running thing. I went on my first run in four days (on the treadmill, cause yeah outside is NOT happening in this crazy cold) and I felt good! My ankle felt normal and leg wasn’t tight. It’s still a work in progress and my boss is being awesome and teaching me how to use his Trigger Point physical therapy tools.

I know those little green rollers and balls look all cute, sweet and innocent, but they are crazy torture devices. It makes a foam roller look like a joke. I’m saving up to buy a kit so I can work on myofascial compression in the evenings. If I can find a tool that will keep me healthy and running I’ll try it!


See..i stretch… or sit on the ground. whatevs

I can’t remember for the life of me who said it, but I read an article on Runner’s World about 3 years ago that changed my way of thinking about the “maintenance” part of running (the therapy, stretching, warm ups, cool downs, icing, compression, massage etc.) and he (or she) said something along the line of how that extra 10% you put into the maintenance is what makes the difference in running comfortably, injury free and for years into your life.  I took that to heart and now more than ever I’m going to make sure that I’m doing some sort of TLC to my body every day, especially on running days. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?

Random thing for Tuesday. I need a haircut. BAD. I think my last haircut was in July/August? eek.


Last Week’s Workouts!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles easy 8:47/pace, 1 hour of Olympic Lifts 

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 6.5m easy run 7:41/pace, 8:03, 7:50, 8:04, 7:35, 7:16, 7:04, 15 min Triceps, 10 min abs

Friday: 30 min chest/biceps free weights + TRX, 10 min abs

Saturday: Rest <–lots of stretching 

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 10.5 (very low mileage for the week, DR’s orders)

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6 thoughts on “Better Body Maintenance

  1. The healthier you are, the faster your hair grows!

  2. I’ve always been curious about those tools! Good to hear they work, though I’d probably need someone to show me the right way to use them.

  3. haha on the hair! We all get ours cut at the same hairdresser, so we end up scheduled every 6 weeks. I haven’t had to do anything but quick-comb my hair for ages, and I cannot imagine actually needing to worry about it. That said, my wife continues the struggle to balance length, stylability, maintenance level, and hassle … which I am pretty sure never ends.

    I have never been good about doing anything more than stretching and using the first 1/3 mile as a warm-up … but good for you taking it so seriously. It is really important to keep this up to avoid injuries! ESPECIALLY with your ‘gunshot’ chiropractor visit … I still wince thinking about that one!

  4. YAY for getting back to it (slowly). And man, I thought my foam roller could be torture … I can’t imagine what those trigger point things do! And … your “easy” run contains a 7:04 mile? Dang, girl!!

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