Shorts in the Snow & a Minor Setback


Thursday: 6.5m easy run 7:41/pace, 8:03, 7:50, 8:04, 7:35, 7:16, 7:04 <– I had to work for that last mile.

Friday: 30 min chest/biceps free weights + TRX, 10 min abs

I went to work Thursday in my Pro Compression socks and a pair of shorts (cause duh, socks and capris look dumb and I always get super warm when i’m wearing them) after my easy but the last miles were hard and made my legs sore run.


Welp, you may have heard/seen/touched/ate some of the snow that’s falling all over the country. DC got a few inches Thursday night and I had a few people “concerned” since i was wearing shorts. I was stoked I could wear shorts in January. Hello! How fun is that?? I’m from the Midwest, shorts happen. All year round, whenever you can tolerate it.


When I left work I became a little kid again. I was actually excited to be driving in snow, slush and icy roads, just because it’s been forever since i’ve had to do it. (disclaimer: this was only fun because absolutely no one was out on the roads). I got to take my time and look at the fluffy new snow covering, homes, trees and cars. The sky was totally white, so everything looked beautiful. (disclaimer #2: snow is only beautiful and fun when you don’t have it)


 I love how snow mutes the world.


It was still freezing out Friday morning when I headed to the Chiropractor for an adjustment and a tight ankle. What we found out was that my anterior tibia is really tight and screwing with the mobility of my ankle. So much so that the Dr was glad I came in when I did. He said a bone in my ankle was sliding in the wrong direction and i could have broke my foot or got a nasty stress fracture or tendonitis. Since all this doctor mumbo jumbo is hard to follow I found a pic that shows where my problem area is and how the outside of the lower leg affects the ankle.

He worked out (deep massage & pressure points) my tibia in a way only he could have described. I have NEVER felt pain like that in my life. As I was winced and my eyes filled tears he says to me “this is what it feels like to be shot.” As in, GUNSHOT. 😦 Yeah, no thanks to that ever happening.

On to the important part, he said not to run until my “gunshot” spot wasn’t tender, take an extra day off from running and cut my mileage my 25% for the next week. I was so scared he would say, “don’t run”. Those words are basically runner cancer. I’m more than happy to oblige with his Rx because it just so happens I’m on the 4th week of my mileage building which means… Training Taper! If you don’t remember, when I train all year round i generally build mileage for 3-4 weeks and then take a week with lower mileage to avoid burnout, injury and to take care of my body a little more closely. i.e. foam rolling, yoga, chiropractor, stretching, cross-training etc. Looks like the TT is working!


one more shorts pic!

What are your weekend plans? Races, relaxing, recovering??

Tell me about your weekend run since I won’t be running!

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5 thoughts on “Shorts in the Snow & a Minor Setback

  1. I can do shorts in the snow if needed … but no gloves?!? Now that is crazy talk. My hands get so cold. I’m sorry about your gunshot wound – sounds ridiculously painful! BUT, like you say, the diagnosis could be worse or come at a worse time. Hang in there!!

  2. hah I just stepped outside for minute, i ALWAYS have gloves. I can’t stand cold hands 🙂 And yes, moral of the story is I’m okay, but things can get bad if you ignore problems!

  3. I’m with you guys on the cold hands – even when it hit -12 this morning I don’t wear heavier socks … but my hands get cold very easily!

    Glad that you got looked at when you did – and be very careful as you were advised! Don’t want anything worse to happen!

    I will get in another run tomorrow, but the temperatures will be back into the +10 or so range, which is much nicer for running (feel like Lethal Weapon – getting too old for this stuff 🙂 )

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