Alright 2014, Let’s Do This!


Here’s the obligitory 2014 Goals List. I don’t do resolutions, I do short and long term goals that range from fitness, work, fun, food and traveling. It keeps me excited for the upcoming year without stressing me out too much.

Fitness & Running Goals: 

Qualify for the Boston Marathon. I got this bracelet at one of the halfs from 2013 and it’s a great reminder for why i’m running this year.


Break last years Mile PR. (I’m hoping this won’t be difficult–I haven’t timed The Mile since January of 2013)

Run a 1/2 Marathon in between a day of training clients. I did a 10K during my work day because of a few cancellations. I think this would be kinda awesome and fun to attempt on a day when i’m schedule has a few holes in it.

Work on flexibility, specifically with Yoga. Every time I open an Athleta catalog I get really jealous of the women and their insane flexibility and strength. These are just a few I want to acheive…


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Try SUP (stand up paddle boarding), Rock Climbing and Sky Zone Trampoline Park. These are the fun fitness things I want to try.

Obviously I’d like more running PR’s, more annual miles, more fun races. I’m sure those things will happen even without a list reminder :). Now on to my goals not related to running!

Go to an NBA game. I’ve only ever been to baseball, hockey & football. I’m not much of a b-ball fan, but i’m sure i’d have fun at a live event.

Visit Las Vegas to go to Britney Spears show. Don’t judge me.

Try Ethiopian Food

Spend more time learning how to bake.

Visit a Pacific Northwest city, Seattle, Portland or just travel west of the Mississippi.

Record music, finish new paintings. Lot’s of unfinished work to be done here.

Alright, your turn. What goal fitness related or not are you most excited about accomplishing? 

Anyone living in snow right now??

I took some pretty pics last night, i’ll update soon!

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9 thoughts on “Alright 2014, Let’s Do This!

  1. I love the Britney Spears one! I saw her in concert in 1999 which makes me feel ancient. I’d like to add 2 more countries to my travel bucket list this year but I’ll be more than happy with one 🙂

    • 1999!! I think the last time I saw her was in 2004? maybe. something like that. I just don’t want to miss her again. Who knows when she’ll tour again. Plus it’s been years since I’ve been to Vegas.

      I need to add “visit new country” to my list as well!

  2. At this point I just want to get my two boys into whatever college they want to attend (sophomore and junior in HS) and still be able to take vacations 🙂

  3. Boston?!? I’m inspired … some of our paces are somewhat similar (mile, half marathon), but I had kind of written of Boston as a possibility because my marathon times always fall way below my expectations (above expectations? what I mean is slower!). But maybe you can motivate me!!! Also, you MUST go to an NBA game. I adore the NBA!!!! Just went last night and loved every second.

    • awesome! i have noticed our paces are similar, we can totally motivate each other for our goals. I wish we lived closer!

      Well we have the Wizards here in DC and from what i know they aren’t very good haha, so we’ll have to go to a game when a better team comes to town. Good news though ticket prices are usually low 🙂

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