I Treat My Gifts Like Andre 3000 Treats a Polaroid Picture


Besides the fact we don’t have a tree and it’s been 60 degrees outside, i’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit.  After my final day of classes on Saturday, Cameron and I finished our Christmas shopping and decided to hit up Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the hockey game. It was a fun time and cool to see the town center all dazzled up with lights.


Like I said, it was warm out. Really warm. BeDubs had it’s doors open to cool down the restaurant, and when we drove home the car thermometer was like, “what’s up DC? It’s freakin’ warm out!”


We ended our night wrapping presents and drinking a couple of New Belgium’s Accumulation Winter Seasonal beer. Even though we’ve had no snow accumulation since last week, it was full of cheer and a wintery flavor. Can beer have a wintery flavor? I dunno, but I guess if the picture has snow and your glass says “happy holidays” why not?! And check out the world’s cutest bottle opener. I bought it for Cameron years ago from a little shop on Michigan Ave in Chicago.



Sunday I ran outside in a tank top and shorts, and it was awesome..kinda. But that’s another blog and I hope to share with you the many thoughts that run through my head during double digit runs tomorrow. And with keeping spirits bright and staying in the Christmasy mood, take a look at a pic of me and my sister from a billion years ago.. or what seems to be the late 80s early 90s according to the sweet design on our snowsuits. Also, I’m pretty sure my mom used to cut my bangs.


Workouts from last week

Monday: 4.6m easy 9:30/pace, 15 min chest

Tuesday: 6.2m easy 8:30/pace, 15 min biceps

Wednesday: 5.1 easy 8:27/pace, 30 min hip/quads, 15 min abs

Thursday: 15 min crossfit (shoulders/legs)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 35 min group exercise (lots of cardio, squats and pushups and sweat)

Sunday: 10.4 miles 8:07/pace

Total Miles: 26.3

Is everyone ready for Christmas? 

Are you a gift shaker?


Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “I Treat My Gifts Like Andre 3000 Treats a Polaroid Picture

  1. So ready for Christmas! We haven’t been lucky with the weather at all this week so it’s not contributing to a Christmassy feeling but once my term ended I think I just started to naturally anticipate the holiday excitement 🙂 I think we might bake cookies tonight which would definitely seal the deal!

  2. Definitely all ready … everything wrapped and ready to go.

    I have incredible patience, so I don’t peek, snoop, feel or shake presents. And even on my birthday if something arrives in the mail early I will wait. I think it annoys my wife sometimes 🙂

    • Ive always been a shaker. I LOVE surprises don’t get me wrong, but omg I love guessing and the anticipation if I was right or not 🙂

      • My wife has a story from when they were younger, her dad was a big shaker and squeezer, so they wrapped up some chocolate covered marshmallows … and naturally he squeezed and shook and thought they were socks, but ended up with a total mess. I think he told me that story about 5 times per year before he died 🙂

      • that’s amazing! I’m sure someone will prank me one of these days

  3. I like how you were drinking beer out of a nuun glass. Best hangover cure!

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