A Doe, a Deer, Christmas is near. I, really like to run!


Monday: 2.1m with Laura + 2.5m, 15 min chest/biceps

Over the weekend Laura sent me a “wanna run” text. My answer is 99.9% of the time YES so we ended up doing a couple miles together yesterday. She hasn’t gone on a run since her half marathon in October so she’s trying to ease back into it a few miles at a time.


One of my favorite places to run through..

Our only complaint was the cold. It was 30 degrees and with wind of course it felt colder. My hands just wouldn’t warm up, but we had a fun time spotting deer and taking pictures. Laura did well with her first run back. Her pace was pretty normal and we took several walk breaks which is also normal for a comeback run.


another one of my favorite spots

Last week’s work…

Monday: 4.2m treadmill 8:17/pace

Tuesday: 7.7m easy 8:31/pace treadmill with 1-2% incline

Wednesday: 30 min chest/shoulders, 160 lunges, 10 min abs

Thursday: 5.5m treadmill progressive run 8:30, 7:53, 7:43, 7:30, 7:18 (half mile cool down)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 8 miles easy 8:06/pace

Total Miles: 24.5 

What’s your favorite temps to run in?

50-75 degrees

Are you traveling for xmas or is xmas coming to you?

We are staying put this year

Author: She's Going the Distance


6 thoughts on “A Doe, a Deer, Christmas is near. I, really like to run!

  1. Great pics and sounds like a fantastic week! Glad you got to run with a friend … but winds are always a pain!

    To answer your questions, I would say that 40-60F with low humidity is my fave, there is just nothing like seeing 50F waking up and knowing a shirt, shorts and out the door!

    And we are having my brother and his daughter (but not his son … these post-divorce situations are crazy!). Daughter is 2 weeks younger than my 15 year old, and is also a huge Doctor Who fan, so it will be a great time. They are only coming for a few days, so we have plenty of time to prepare and to relax after 🙂

    • That sounds amazing! Cameron and I only have off Christmas day together, so hopefully we will spend time with his family as I’m not traveling out to the midwest this year.

      *low humidity is a must! 🙂

      • Well … let me be clear, my kids have 2 weeks off of school, and I have loads of extra vacation time so I am taking that whole time off. My wife is now working retail so she has about 2 days off …

        Hope you guys enjoy whatever time you get together and with family!

      • aww, well i’m guessing you will make the best of her 2 days off and enjoy time with the kids 🙂

  2. Around 60 is my favorite! Hubby and I are staying put where we are living for grad school (6 hour flight if we went home) but luckily my parents are flying out to see us for a week so I still get family time 🙂

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