Oh the Weather Outside is Weather…


Sorry i’ve been quiet this week. Whenever I’m feeling stressed/anxious/depressed etc, I end up closing off from the world. It’s stupid and doesn’t solve anything, but it just happens. Don’t worry though, i’m working on it. And don’t worry about my stresses, it’s wedding stuff, it’s where do we want to live/raise kids, what do we want out of our careers in X years. I mean, those kinds of big decisions and future thinkings can really dig an emotionally draining hole.

I wish life came with a training plan like my races. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced person living life?  Here’s your 16 week plan!

Also, side note, whenever I’m having a rough day I just google bunnies or puppies and I can’t help but smile. I want a bunny for Christmas. Not. Even. Joking.

It looked like this today…


So, we decided to stay inside and warm. I had all the intentions in the world to Christmas shop and just get out of the house but I did get to Target on Saturday and bought a strand of lights (and $90 of other random items cause that’s how Target goes). This is about as festive as our apartment gets. Sad I know, but as of right now we don’t have the room for a full tree or a storage area when it has to come down. One day we’ll go all out Christmas-style. Till then we’ll just stress out about where that new place may be haha.


Ending our weekend we just lounged around watched snowy football games, finished Lego Batman 2, made a white chili. I know i don’t talk about recipes and food like other blogs but it’s mostly because i don’t cook. Other than breakfast, Cameron takes care of rest. Yeah I know, i’m a lucky girl. He’s amazing with flavors and spices and almost every meal he makes is healthy and delicious. He takes care of me for sure. Take a look at the beautiful meal we ate tonight. Fajita style chicken, red peppers, & mushrooms on a bed of spinach mmmmm…


i did make the guac! 🙂

Holy Workouts Batman!

Monday: 30 min upper back + triceps

Tuesday: 9 miles 8:10/pace, 15 min recumbent bike, 10 min abs

Wednesday: 30 min hamstrings, 70 pushups, 20 min abs

Thursday: 4.2 easy miles, Garmin free, 20 min shoulders + lower back, 10 min abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7.5 miles 8:10/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 20.7 (my training taper week, lower mileage, lots of strength training)

Don’t forget to put an entry in for my giveaway! It ends Wednesday morning and my blog is new so the odds of winning are really good 🙂

Author: She's Going the Distance


6 thoughts on “Oh the Weather Outside is Weather…

  1. 70 pushups??!?!?!!? I am sooo impressed.

    I had a bunny growing up. They poop A LOT. Maybe you should save the shirt in the giveaway for your future bunny.

    • don’t be impressed, i take them in sets of 15 or 10 until i poop out!

      ps bunny poo is cute! little tiny brown balls… hehehe!

      • It’s tiny but man does it smell!

        Also, sets of 10 of 15?! I’m sooo impressed! 🙂 I would say “I wish I could do that” but I hate when people say that about running. I guess instead I will say “I wish I wasn’t so lazy and pathetic that I could work towards doing that!”

      • haha so do it! start on your knees and try to do like 2 sets of 8-10 and see how you feel or what you can do. don’t forget about your upper body little miss runner!

  2. I’m always blown away when I see everyone’s pace! I’m SO SLOW! 🙂 I don’t blame you for not wanting to get outside when it’s cold and snowy. And I also don’t really have room for a tree, but hang lights on the windows. It’s amazing how far that can take you though with some scented candles and other knick knacks.

    • Nice! So i’m not the only one with only Christmas spirit on the windows haha. And hey! Don’t compare your paces, pace is super relative to the runner, keep at it and you’ll get faster! Don’t forget i’ve been running for 6 years! it takes time and lots of running to improve 🙂

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