A Very Merry Thanksgiving!


Thursday: Eat & Rest <— I gave thanks for a day off!

Friday: 8.5m easy 8:13/pace 

Thanksgiving was at Cameron’s parents house this year and they did a beautiful job hosting. As soon as I walked through the door they offered wine 🙂 (how can I not marry into this family!?) and they had their veggie/hummus plate in the living room next to a warm fireplace.


Cameron & his sister Juliana

Cameron & his sister Juliana

Our dinner started off with an arugula salad w/cherry vinaigrette (SO GOOD) and squash soup w/cranberries & gorgonzola cheese. Apparently Chris (Cameron’s mom) loves my blog and wanted to follow my rules about starting dinner with a salad. It helped me ease up on the carbolicious feasting, but i think it backfired for others. Cameron said he was just worried about filling up on salad before he “got to the good stuff.” Oh well.


After our feast we sat around the fire, attempted to watch football, but most of us (ok the girls) hung around the laptop and shopped.

Juliana & Chris

Juliana & Chris

And if you were wondering, my pumpkin pie w/almond flour crust came out perfectly!


Yesterday’s run was beautiful! It was cold out, but sunny which always helps it feel warmer than it is. I tried to make sure I didn’t start out too fast and kept my pace moderately even. For me to slow down I have to either run without music or make smart music decisions that are a little slower paced. Yesterday I listened to The Decemberists (perfect for this time of year!) & The Oh Hellos. Listening to the albums straight through also keeps my legs running calm and steady.


All bundled up and ready to run! I got that warm headband from Target’s C9 collection for $13. It was worth it for sure.

Last night we watched The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. We’ve been watching Harry Potter all the way through over the last month or so and we’re finally down to the last part 2! I miss having a Potter film to look forward to around Thanksgiving, brings back so many memories! (i’m secretly hoping Harry Potter becomes a tradition for us.) My family is so spread out we don’t have a ton of annual traditions so I’m excited to see what’s to come for me and Cameron ❤

What are some of your traditions?

Anyone do a Turkey Trot?

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3 thoughts on “A Very Merry Thanksgiving!

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    No Turkey Trot for me – it was a day off from running because everyone was home, and my wife has to work all weekend. So we had a fantastic relaxing day together.

    We have a very traditional Thanksgiving, but pumpkin spice scones with caramel sauce for breakfast has become a tradition. To my (happy) surprise, the boys are very much into the traditions for Christmas.

    • that sounds amazing. anything “pumpkin” is welcome for a new tradition in this household!

      • The recipe is our own (ok, my wife and younger son) variant on one from the ‘Alice’s Tea Cup’ book – if you like to bake things like scones, definitely check it out. I have yet to find a recipe that wasn’t easy and delicious.

        And looking at those pics brings me back … well, about 25 years 🙂 Those pre-marriage days do matter in many ways (not that things can’t / won’t change later), but going through all of it together is ultimately what is most important!

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