The Weekend in a Nuunshell. + w/o Summary 11/18-11/24


My weekend kicked off with a Nuun shipment. They were giving away a free pint glass with any order and now I love this brand even more! Not only do they want to help keep me hydrated, but they understand that endurance athletes sometimes like to indulge in a more dehydrating beverage, cheers!


Citrus Fruit, Lemon-Lime, Tri-Berry & Orange

I’ve been out of Nuun for the past week and dying with plain water and GU Brew. I bought GU Brew & Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes FIZZ about a month ago just to change it up and see how it compared to Nuun.

Complimentary Competitor Magazine, don't mind if i do!

Top right are the two alternatives I tried.

I used GU Brew all this week, it’s not awful, but tastes salty. The Hammer Nutrition tabs are the grossest thing i’ve ever tried to drink. It tastes like the stomach acid aftertaste when you throw up. I know, i’m sorry for the description, but it’s bad. Basically what I’ve gathered is to stick with Nuun cause it actually tastes great without any weird after flavors or saltiness.

Saturday Cameron joined me for the last 2 miles of my 7 mile run. I swung around the apartment to get him and this is what I walked into…


He was all ready to go, just warming up and stretching 🙂 It was nice outside, but windy.. it’s that time of year where gloves and beanies are important. I hate when the back of my hands get cold and Cameron absolutely needs something covering his ears. I love being outside all year. DC is definitely scoring some points over Chicago weather. I don’t think I could ever move any further north than we are right now.

Yesterday we spent some time at the mall and online doing a little Christmas shopping. I also am in need of a new cell phone. I’m looking at the HTC One, Galaxy S4, and of course the iPhone. If anyone has opinions on carriers (I currently have Sprint but am open to switching) and phones I mentioned, it would be a big help!

Shopping and driving in this area really wipes us out, so as soon as we got home I poured a glass of wine, played some piano, then we watched the Capitals lose to the Toronto Maple Leaves. Don’t worry it was still a good game!


The best part of yesterday was the snacking we did during the game. I looked at the table after the game I asked Cameron how the heck this happened…


I guess it’s what happens when you eat a late lunch at Panera, don’t cook dinner, then snack and drink throughout the evening. Doesn’t matter, it was a fun night!

This week’s workouts!

Monday: 4 miles easy progressive 8:27/pace, 50 pushups, 20 min abs

Tuesday: 7 miles easy 8:07/pace, 20 min biceps, 10 min abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5.4 easy miles 7:52/pace, 20 min triceps/shoulders, 10 min abs

Friday: 45 min TRX full body workout

Saturday: 5 miles easy 8:03/pace, 2.2m run w/Cameron ❤

Total Miles: 23.6 lots of easy, mileage building, enjoyable runs 

Anyone have Turkey Trots planned for Thanksgiving morning?

What kind of phone do you have/recommend?

Author: She's Going the Distance


6 thoughts on “The Weekend in a Nuunshell. + w/o Summary 11/18-11/24

  1. What flavors of Nuun are your favorite? I tried the Cherry Limeade and thought it was awful (soooo sweet). I’ve been afraid to try any other flavors!

    • i like the lemon-lime, not sweet at all and the citrus fruit! try lemon lime though, it’s closest to tasting like a normal “gatorade” type flavor. I’m sorry about the cherry limeade though i looove those!

  2. I’ve never tried Nuun. Something I should? Shopping always makes me feel exhausted too. I prefer online shopping SO much more these days.

    • We do most of our shopping online for sure! Nuun is just a flavored electrolyte tablet and provides potassium, sodium and other minerals in the same way gatorade does, just without all the added sugars. I like it, some people don’t though. If you do a race, see if Nuun is at the expo. They always have coolers set up for tastings! I’m all about try before you buy.

  3. haha to your table! Both kids were busy on Saturday night and I made dinner but both wanted to head out early, so we had that for lunch yesterday. As a result, we ended up making nachos and having an ‘around the island’ sort of dinner last night!

    We all currently have iPhones, but until last Christmas I always had Android. I still have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that I like quite a bit. I love the build of the HTC phones, and really between the Samsung S4, HTC and iPhone 5s you can’t go wrong. I *DO* suggest you both get the same phone, because iPhone is best when shared ecosystem is used, and that is more and more also true for Samsung (they have loads of Galaxy-specific features). HTC is pretty open along with other Android phones.

    If you use a Mac then the iPhone (obviously) pairs up easiest, but as I mentioned I’ve had Android phones from 2008-2012 – and they worked fine with my home Mac & PC (PC mostly for gaming, admittedly) and my iPads.

    Carrier is trickier – in our area Verizon totally dominates, and AT&T has *just* gotten 4G coverage, and Sprint is crap. I have had reasonable customer service experience with Verizon, and we’ve had Verizon for more than a decade at this point (before that we were with Cingular / AT&T). So I would look at friends in your area, where you travel most and so on to decide.

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