Happy Hockey! I mean Monday, happy Monday…


Monday: 4 miles easy progressive 8:27/pace Ps, It’s beautiful out today, sunny and 70 🙂

Last nights hockey game was a BLAST. Our home team, the Capitals, won 4-1. Before the game we went to LIME to grab a food. Really good, really cheap Mexican food with an excellent salsa bar. I had a few grilled fish tacos and left happy.



Right outside the Verizon Center they already had wreaths up for Christmas– this made me happy. Just like the Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate and popcorn I had during the game.

And here’s us at the train station…wearing our matching Washington Capitals Irish beanies. We got these for a steal at Sports Authority at the end of last season… $19.99 each, marked down to $4.98!

Did you start your Monday off with a run?

Author: She's Going the Distance


2 thoughts on “Happy Hockey! I mean Monday, happy Monday…

  1. Totally love the hats! Definitely a great find – you really never know when you’ll hit a bargain! My wife came across a great Red Sox hat on clearance a few years back that she still wears all the time!

    Great hearing about the weather – and glad you were able to get out for a run. There are plenty of days when we’ll be slogging it out, best to take advantage of days like today.

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