The Training Taper and my Workout Summary 11/11-11/17


Our weekend started out pretty quiet. Couch, tv, relaxing. Then we went out to a bar called the Iron Horse Taproom last night and had a blast, i.e. we drank. I loved the fun atmosphere of the bar. They had shuffle board and skeeball and a lot of tv’s playing sports. Apparently it’s a good bar to be at when there’s a Capitals game. Speaking of which, we’re heading out in a couple hours for tonights game. Cameron bought tickets late last night. There’s something about booze and the internet together that just makes you spend money.


this is the cute one…

This was the funny one, love the demon eyes

This was the funny one, love the demon eyes

I’m actually happy it’s been a laid back weekend. This is a “training taper week” for me. Much more strength training happened and lot less running. I know it might sound strange, but for me to stay healthy and away from injury while building mileage, I taper down about every 4 weeks.

Here’s an example: week one- 20 miles, week two- 24 miles, week three- 27 miles, week four -22 miles. Then week 5- 24 miles, week six- 28, week seven- 30, week eight 25 (taper week).  These numbers are just examples, but basically you build mileage slowly for 3 weeks, take an “easy” week then start building again. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and it works for me and keeps me from burning out and literally running myself into the ground.

I take taper week to do a lot more strength training, stretching, foam rolling, compressing, maybe a visit to the chiropractor– so i’m ready to run the next stretch of training weeks fresh. I think of it as giving my body a tune up.

Taking a break from TRX'ing

Taking a break from TRX’ing & of course wearing my Pro Compression socks

Weekly Workouts! 

Monday: 5m easy 8:11/pace, 15 min TRX Core workout

Tuesday: 5m easy 8:12/pace

Wednesday: 4m easy 8:08/pace, 12 min leg/shoulder killer workout, 20 min abs

Thursday: 15 min abs

Friday: 50 min TRX full upper body

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Weekly Mileage: 14

**My goal mileage for the next 3 weeks are 21, 25, 27, then i’ll have a taper week around 20 miles. I’m hoping to having my weekly mileage base between 30-35 by January, we shall see!

How do you make sure you stay injury free while running year round or training for a specific race??

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4 thoughts on “The Training Taper and my Workout Summary 11/11-11/17

  1. That is a very interesting approach – never heard of that before! But I think the important thing is “it works for me!” Anything that keeps you feeling good and injury free? All for it!

    When I think of tapering, I looked at your ‘Part I’ post from September that highlights feelings, and I’d add “I feel fat, Fat, FAT!” Even thought you KNOW everything, it is still a terrible feeling with less movement and sustained nutrition. Ugh.

    Cool approach, did you find it somewhere or through a coach?

    • haha YES i’ll have to add fat to list of tapering madness.. all carbs and no running!

      I honestly have had a lot of trouble in the past trying to build my mileage up without feeling burnt out or exhausted or just hurting all the time. I came up with this idea about a year ago and haven’t looked back. it feels good to run an easy week as opposed to always doing the same mileage or always adding extra miles in.

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