I wish I could be as fast as Shalane Flanagan.

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Tuesday: 5m 8:12/pace

Wednesday: 4m 8:08/pace, 12 min leg/shoulder killer workout, 20 min abs, lots of stretching

Sometimes I wonder if I had started running earlier, like in high school, if i could have been good enough to run competitively. It’s always a dangerous thought path to live in the “what ifs” (and this doesn’t only apply to running.) I read blogs often where people are on their 50th+ marathon or where sub-8s or sub-7 minute miles are normal. It’s really easy to compare myself to other runners and feel bad about my times or distances or running log. I think it is important not to get caught up in what others are doing, but what you are doing to accomplish your own goals.


Shalane Flanagan going too fast for the lens (Source)

I’m sure almost all runners have experienced some form of Runner Envy. It’s sort of inevitable and normal as a human being to want something someone else has, even if it’s running talent. My envy usually lasts a few minutes before I realize this is why I love the sport. Everyone who runs has a different body type, different goals and a different idea of what “fast” or “long” is.

I like running and I like when people start running because it’s an amazing feeling to see what your body is capable of. I never want my lovely readers to feel bad about where they are starting from. Running is a very personal thing when it comes to speed or distance and runners are a very supportive and loving group no matter if your Shalane Flanagan or a first time 5Ker (yes i’m making that a word. pronounced five-kay-er)


Marie has always been up at 4:00AM with me at my races. We ran our first 5k race together in 2010 & her 1st half in 2011 🙂

Let other’s accomplishments inspire you, not discourage you. Runners love runners and love people who want to start running! I found an old Facebook message that can show that I started just like everyone else, it’s really humbling to re-read it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.05.23 PM

Yep, a full 3.5 miles in 50 minutes a full 5 years ago. Accomplishments are accomplishments are accomplishments. I was obviously very proud. Today that seems ridiculously easy, but I like reminding myself everyone starts from somewhere.

Throwback Thursday (cause why not?) My sister Abbie did not think holding a towel like the old “Zest” commercials was funny. She had the “not impressed” face down before Mckayla Maroney was even born. Seriously.


Me, BFF Krisina, & my sister Abbie


Not Impressed


Also not impressed (source)

Can’t wait for the weekend already!

Capitals game on tonight, any sports fans out there?

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