I <3 Coffee, and other randomness


Monday: 5m easy 8:11/pace, 15 min TRX Core workout

I love coffee. It’s not a big secret. I love coffee almost as much as I love to run. Some people like coffee for the caffeine, i just love it for the flavor…I was in Starbucks yesterday grabbing an americano and one of my clients came up to say hi to me. She goes, “I wasn’t sure it was you, but then I thought ‘coffee addiction, running shoes and pants. Yep that’s her.'” Oops. I don’t like being that predictable, but what can i say, i wear workout gear and drink coffee almost every day.


   Adventure Time is on in the background 🙂

I’m drinking coffee right now, but i’m still in my pjs. It’s dark and gloomy out today. That being said, i’m holding off on running until I’m at the gym this afternoon and i’m going to hit the treadmill. I know, treadmill running is torture, but i can last about 6 miles as long as my ipod is charged.


I’m realizing this post is going all over the place so i’m gonna roll with it. Cameron snapped a picture of me probably blogging/reading blogs. It must have been intense by the look on my face. I feel bad now that this is what my fiancé has to stare at all day long. (I really have no idea why i look so angry haha)


Do any of you get excited as I do for these Pilsbury sugar cookies? I know they’re pretty much out all year, but I only want sugar cookies around the Christmas.


 Hope the warm atmosphere in the gym gets me motivated to add some miles in for the day.

What do you do to get motivated when the weather says crawl back in bed?

Favorite cookies?

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4 thoughts on “I <3 Coffee, and other randomness

  1. I made some really good snickerdoodles the other day. My wife makes better ones, and she made a bunch for work a couple of weeks ago and the boys and I only got one each – just enough to know we wanted more! I had time this weekend while she was at work – they are so easy to make and hard to mess up!

    And I did notice that he had to putdown the controller to snap the pic … 🙂

    • hahah yeah, he bought a Batman game for PS3, we’re big dorks as you will find out if you keep reading the blog. Any chance your wife would share a recipe? I love snicker doodles!

      • Yeah, I’ve been playing computer games since the Apple ][ (Wizardry in 1979, OMIGOD I’m old 😀 ) … Lisa doesn’t do much other than traditional arcade games, but she tolerates me 🙂

        I will have to grab the picture – it is from a German cookies cookbook we got from friends for an engagement gift … in 1991, no less! All of our holiday baking recipes come from there – wonder if it is even in print anymore?

      • amazing!! When I was little we had Atari & sega genesis and the original nintendo. 🙂

        don’t go out of your way for the recipe or anything, but its its laying around and stuff… hehehe

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