Will Smith called, he wants Miami back…

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Tuesday: 20 min chest/biceps, 15 min abs/ stretching

We ended up with a 6 hour layover in Miami on our full day of traveling home, which worked out because Cameron has a friend there and neither of us had seen MIami before. (Even though I lived in Florida for about 7 years I was in central FL and never made it further south than Ft. Lauderdale.) Another perk of being in Miami all day was having the song “Miami” stuck in our head of the entire day…seriously, it’s in my head right now and it makes me wish Will Smith still wrote his addicting, clean rap songs.

Speaking of Will, that’s the name of our friend…hahah. Best coincidence ever. Anywho, Will lives really close to the University of Miami, so we took a walk and toured around the campus. The lake behind us is on campus and kids are not allowed to swim in there because of alligators. He told us there were mornings he’d go to class and there’d be an alligator hanging out on the walkway. Best excuse for a tardy ever.


Will, Me & Cameron (not pictured: alligators)

We ate an early dinner at their campus pub (yes, they had really good beers on tap). The outside seating had these covered benches that are swings. Both sides are joined, so you can swing as a table and wait for your food. I assume once you’re into your beers or food the swinging wouldn’t be as fun, but I’ve never seen these before and thought they were clever. I told Cameron i want one for our backyard in our future dream house.


The weather was perfect while we were there, about 85, sunny and it felt great to stretch our legs before our final flight of the day.

Another shot of the lake

Another shot of the lake

Will told us we had to make the “U” hand sign on the U sign lol. This is me making sure I was doing it right. It was a long day haha.

And Miami has some really cool looking trees. They had a whole street lined with them near Will’s house. I couldn’t get over how they looked like old ropes.


How far did you go today or are planning on going?

I’m heading out for a 7-8 mile easy run!

Coffee or tea drinker? 

 Coffee is necessary for my functioning. But I love me some tea in the winter.

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