We be jammin’ (Jamaica Part II)

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I showed you guys a few snapshots of Jamaica in a previous post, but what I couldn’t describe was how taken aback i was by how beautiful the seascape was. I couldn’t get enough of it, I swear I stared off at the water more than I did anything else on vacation.

I was most surprised by how clear, green and blue the water was. I mean, i’ve seen pictures before and I’ve seen movies that have taken place in the Caribbean, but it made a bigger impact actually being there, standing in it, swimming in it… And now i’ve got an itch to travel and see the world. (Before this trip, I’ve only ever been to Canada.)


check out the sparkling water ❤

My favorite thing by far was the Chukka Cat catamaran snorkeling/waterfall hiking excursion. Like I said, I became obsessed with the water and being in a boat and seeing Jamaica’s landscape was incredible!

back of the boat

back of the boat

Chukka is the company that we booked our 2 excursions with. One thing that was consistent with Chukka was the customer service–the people were AMAZING and were genuinely there to have a good time and make sure you’re having a good time.

They made us girls line up at the bar and do this Jamaican booty dance. It was so embarrassing!! But at least we had already begun drinking our rum punch…


be thankful the pole is somewhat censoring this

Then they called the guys up, told them to put one hand on their junk, thus starting a beer chugging contest.. I wish i could have been a part of this one instead. Chugging a beer > embarrassing booty dance, BUT chugging a beer + booty dancing = magic! haha.



After that we just enjoyed more drinks and music and the beautiful day..

this was the money shot.. I wanted him to say “im on a boat!”

I’m wishing I could go back in time to this…

Good news is that I got rid of my sports bra tan and the tops of my feet finally saw the sun. Don’t worry I wore 30 and 45 spf all week long. #runnerprobs #fuckcancer

Hey married runners out there, what style wedding dress did you opt for and what did you do about your runner’s tan when the big day came?

Spray tan? Tanning beds? Do they sell razorback dresses!?

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