The Jamaican Vacation, as told in pictures, mon!

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I’ve been home since late Thursday night, and haven’t been on the computer much.. I feel like i left my brain on the beach all weekend. Don’t worry! I’m back and with a lot to blog about.


The 6am flight went great all the way to Jamaica. Then had an hour and a half bus ride to Ocho Rios. Along the way I spotted tons of goats, dogs, horses, cattle and colorful shops.

I spent a LOT of time on the beach, near the pool, and always in close proximity to the swim up bar. Let’s just say i’ve had my fix of daiquiri’s, pina colada’s & Red Stripe until our next vacation.


I only worked out 2x while on vacation. The gym was called “Cut” <—- I know right?? It was an open air gym. As in, outside. Yes. In the tropics and outside. I ran once and called it a week because it was that uncomfortable and heck, i was on vacation! I told myself It’s ok to take a vacation from running too, especially when it’s not fun. Here’s a pic of the gym from our view.


here’s another of the beach… ❤

Here are my workouts from last week:

Friday (the 25th): 3miles 8:00/pace 15 min bike, 15 min chest

Saturday: zip line hike approximately a 50 min hike

Sunday: 5 min bike warm up, 30 min legs (inner/outer thigh) & triceps

Monday: Rest (lay on beach)

Tuesday: 45 min – hiked Dunn’s River Waterfall

Wed/Thurs/Fri- Travelled, Rested & Recouped

Saturday: 3.3m 9:49/pace

Sunday: The Parks 10K Race 47:57 7:44/pace

Total Miles: 12.5m 


don’t worry, be happy!

More Jamaica coming soon!

10K Race Recap tomorrow!

Missed you guys!

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