Cosmic Run 5K Recap!


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

After the Baltimore 1/2 I headed back to the apartment for a few hours of recovery before the next race. I put ice on my legs, wore my compression socks , drank coffee and before I knew it we were in the car for an hour drive south to Waldorf, Maryland. This was a hike. It was curious that the Cosmic Run was selling out all major cities, yet the Washington, DC date still had openings… It was definitely because this wasn’t in DC or Metro accessible. The drive wasn’t too bad and by the time we arrived it stopped raining.

This 5K was AWESOME. It felt like a rave, the kind you see in the movies.  We drove out into the countryside to this barn (okay, it was a ballpark) and people were wearing light up tutus and had flashing LED grills in their mouths. Everyone had a ton of glow sticks and the energy was like a party.

start line

start line after the race was over

Every kilometer or so there was music (like Daft Punk!) blaring and a dance party station that would cover you in fluorescent powder so you would glow in the lights.  My pictures are a vast understatement to what was going on, but it was such a messy race neither of us wanted to bring our phones, just in case.

finish tunnel to the ball park

pulling into the parking lot pre-race!

I LOVE night running and haven’t done it in over a year. I miss the cool air and how fast you feel. And yes, in case you were wondering, after a half marathon earlier in the day, i surprisingly felt fast and wonderful during and after the race.


still feeling good!

Sunday was spent mostly on the couch being lazy cause we were going to see Bonobo at the 9:30 Club later in the evening. It was a great set and my legs still didn’t give out on me haha.


Loved their light show!

Loved their light show!

cameron took this without me looking :)

Been resting since this weekend has been non-stop action and I’m fighting the start of a cold. Hopefully I’ll feel good by the weekend and get a run in. Happy Tuesday!

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3 thoughts on “Cosmic Run 5K Recap!

  1. How fun!! I love the idea behind this race… sounds like a great time!

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