Vitamins: What I take!

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Monday: 10 long miles 8:27/pace

Happy Monday! I started off my day with 2 eggs with spinach & mushrooms, bacon, toast, coffee, water & vitamins. If i don’t have eggs (yolks included) I feel off. I am a creature off habit and eat almost the same thing everyday. I don’t talk much about food on the blog, which I hope to change, but the fact is, I don’t like to cook. Breakfast is my deal though and I can cook a mean morning cuisine.

I generally eat pretty balanced meals, but there are days were all I want are cookies and cereal, or where I have a few beers or I’m in between grocery store visits and out of vegetables. So, I take a few vitamins to fill in any nutritional gaps I have during the day. Most people will have opinions on vitamins and whether they work or if they’re a waste of money. Please do your own research and figure out what works (or doesn’t work) for you.

Remember, vitamins are not replacements for real food, they are supplements for what your body is missing or low on. (I think of vitamins as a type of nutritional insurance.) I wanted to share the vitamin supplements I take, and why I take them. Look, they even lined up and smiled for the camera all on their own!


Women’s Multi-Vitamin: I like to think this as the nutritional gap filler since it has a little bit of everything. I especially take it for the Calcium & Iron.

Glucosamine: It is a natural compound found in healthy cartilage (Mayo Clinic),  taken for joint health. I had no idea what Glucosamine was until it kept popping up in other running blogs I’ve been reading. I started taking this in July and have had almost ZERO joint pain in my knees and hips. Even after my last race I had no joint pain, only muscle soreness. If I had to choose to take one supplement for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Super B-Complex: Helps convert food to energy, supports normal functioning of the nervous system with added antioxidants and immune system support (taken from the back of the Nature Made label). I take this one with my lunch to give me a Vitamin-B boost before going into work for the day.

Fish Oil: Omega-3s!! The fatty acids help with heart health. I’ve also read, I believe in Runner’s World, that Fish Oil helps bring down inflammation in the lungs and nasal passages which help those with seasonal allergies (um, ME!).

Biotin: This helps support healthy skin & hair as well as metabolizing carbs, proteins & fats. I’m trying to grow my hair out and I’ve already noticed a difference since taking this.

In the morning I take the multi-vitamin & Glucosamine. Before work I take the Super-B Complex, and at dinner I take the Fish Oil & Biotin. I split up my vitamins throughout the days because I want them to absorb with each meal. I feel like if I take the full group all at once I might overload my system and pee most of them out. I’ve noticed since splitting up my intake I’ve had more consistent energy all day.

Energy that helps me do this:IMAG1621

Those pictures our from our hike yesterday and yeah I climbed up there to sit down ok?!

What Vitamins/Supplements does everyone take daily? 

Did you get your Monday run or workout in??

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