8 Minute Legs (will leave you with legs that will only work for 8 minutes the next day)


Monday workout: 8 min leg workout

Tuesday workout: 5.5 mile run 8:27/pace, 10 min abs + foam rolling

I had a small break at work and decided to do a leg workout since I eased up my strength training as my last half marathon came closer. I wanted to do plyometric movements which are great for runners and get in a workout where I would get the maximum benefit for the few minutes I had.

Aaaaaaand now my legs feel broken. It feels like I ran a downhill marathon and I only did an 8 minute workout. Which proves there are NO excuses for not fitting in a workout.  Here’s what I did with a how to breakdown, but don’t come crying to me if your legs don’t work the next day. Or the day after that.

3 exercises, 3 times, all out effort. Go for time, so minimal rest in between sets.

Squat Jumps (12 repetitions): Standing with feet shoulder width apart, bring your hands all the way behind you as your body lowers in squat position. Use your arms as momentum and explode up toward the ceiling, jumping off the ground. Land softly with arms returning to the start position. There is NO rest, it’s a fluid motion.

jump squat

jump squat

Alternating Lunge Jumps (20 repetitions): Step forward with one leg, lower the other into a lunge position. Jump quickly in the air, switching legs into the opposite lunge position and continue jumping and lunging.

(you don't need weights)

(you don’t need weights)

Lateral (side) box Jumps (20 repetitions): stand next to a raised sturdy box. Place one leg on the box and one off to the side. Jump up switching feet on the box and to the other side.

find a box height that is challenging– i think i used a 26″-28″ inch box.

Notice every exercise is a jump. This is a high impact, intense workout. If you need to modify, do it! Take the jumps out, do the movements just don’t leave the ground. Whatever you do, cross train, strength train & stretch. Running is a sport that requires much more than just running!

see, stretching!

see, stretching!

Have a happy Wednesday! Let’s make it to the weekend strong! 

Author: She's Going the Distance


3 thoughts on “8 Minute Legs (will leave you with legs that will only work for 8 minutes the next day)

  1. Ok we’re totally doing this when I’m done training!

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