Reverse taper & my recovery week summary 9/16-9/22

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Zero week came to an end this morning when I finished a really great first run back.  After my run, literally as soon as I was on my quarter mile walk home, my right hip tightened up and my right calf started aching so i’m glad I took off as much time as I did.

A rule of thumb for beginners after a race is to take off one day per mile run. A 13 mile run = 13 days off from running. I usually take 5-10 days depending on how sore I am, but i know the extra time off is what helps keep injury away. Even if I’m feeling fine after 3 days (which is normal) I know I put my body through hell and being sore is not the only indicator of bone/joint/ligament/tendon wear & tear. Treat your body to the reverse taper (time off and easing back into running) to stay injury free. Especially if you’re like me and run year long.

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line

Tomorrow is back to normal, running and personal training. I’ll probably make a visit to my Chiropractor just to be sure the kinks are worked out. Never a bad idea to be proactive with the recovery process.

Monday-Saturday: Rest. Full rest, no weights, no runs, just stretching and relaxing.

Sunday: 6.4 miles 8:08/pace 8:37, 8:19, 8:20, 7:55, 7:59, 7:49 Starting to feel normal to run closer to an 8:00 pace, which is nice. Must be the fixed hip 🙂

Now the real question, what races do i run next? Maybe a fun winter 5k, halfs in the spring?

Any suggestions?

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